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Interested in Starting a Career in Sales? Some Tips to Do So…

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Gone are those days when sales jobs are meant only for menfolk as sales jobs are usually considered jobs that require too much of travelling within and outside your own city. Things have changed now and sales jobs are suitable for women too with the emergence of the concept of online sales or telephonic sales or sales that require no travelling. There are certain sales jobs which are specifically meant for women at home as the concept of work from home is slowly gaining its prominence.

For all those women at home, do you think you can do a sales job from home without any experience?


The answer is “YES”, thanks to GharSeNaukri.com, India’s largest career and community platform for women.

Of course, it’s true, that not everyone is cut out for sales. But that’s okay! You definitely need some skills to excel in sales but that does not mean that you cannot do a sales job from home.

How to start your career in sales?

  • Believe in what you’re selling
  • Prepare ahead of time
  • Get sales training from a reliable source if needed
  • Get in touch with companies providing sales jobs
  • Have good knowledge of your product. Be thorough with vital elements of your product/service.
  • Follow up

Some recommended skills  

  • Great persuasive skills
  • Good communication skill
  • Find shortcuts and hacks
  • Practice active listening
  • Personalize you message
  • Manage your emotions
  • Don’t lose your temper
  • Have patience
  • Manage time
  • Build personal relationships

Want to take up work from home sales jobs?

It’s possible to obtain part-time work from home with direct sales companies on GharSeNaukri.com. These part time sales jobs can be related to sales of products or services like as in the fields of recruiting, travel companies, insurance, finances, and educational products and so on.

These works can be commission-based or salary-based, you can actually earn quite a lot of money.

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