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Women Workforce

Women Workforce

Is it true that policy on women empowerment is only on papers? Is it a bitter reality that though women are an integral part of the social structure, yet her health, nutrition, economic equality is hardly a priority in the Indian society? If data speaks…then the situation is alarming! Do the majority of Indian women have access to equal opportunities of work? Unfortunately….a big NO! Women emancipation or equal opportunities for women in workforce is considered as one of the parameters of economic growth of a nation.

International Labour Organization states that between 2004 to 2011, Indian economy grew at a healthy average of 7%, yet India witnessed a decline in female labour participation from 35% to 25%. This raises the question of why the decline?….In  urban areas we witness a lot of women belonging to various economic strata moving out of the houses to earn a living! So why we as a nation fair so poorly with Bangladesh and Indonesia when it comes to women economic empowerment?

World Bank states that there are 217 million missing women in India’s workforce and India has one of the worst gender gaps in labour force participation. Are these data real? Do these figures really matter in a normal Indian household? Is increase in women workforce really a sign of women emancipation? Modern urban woman, though perhaps not the majority, enjoy access to opportunities of various types – internet, social life, community bonding…..but here what matter is the realization that the appalling women labour force participation in India is a structural problem – social roles, family responsibilities….and the list goes on! Every woman has to understand her responsibility and realize that making her aspirations come true, is reflection of her true self!

Career and Community Portal for Women
Career and Community Portal for Women

GharSeNaukri(GSN) started with this philosophy of lessening and combating step by step the factors behind gender inequalities in workforce. If the 217 million missing women contribute and work, it will boost India’s economic output by 27%! (Stated by International Monetary Fund Chief Christine Lagarde). GSN wants to bring about a revolutionary change in the statement “Women are the invisible workforce in India”. Providing a platform or creating a community for women are small measures and empowerment reforms which will enable not only earning an income but also enhance other capacities. GSN promotes and believes that the contribution of women have to be accounted for. It endorses the thought that women’s work has to be documented, their skills enhanced and opportunities to be offered in abundance.

So let’s empower the women force. Data also states that 11.7% of India’s 5000 odd pilots are women as opposed to a global 3% only.  Women head public and private banks in India. Hence we as a community with a responsibility towards the nation have to understand the factors which discourage women economic participation. Time has come, not to just analyze data but offer opportunities galore to enhance women’s skills. GharSeNaukri is on this path……………..

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