Indian Women Entrepreneurs and their Green Initiatives

Considering the fact that our country’s staggering wastes growing at an alarming rate, it’s heartening to find that we have few young Indian minds who are trying to bring about a change in the society with their environmental friendly initiatives and products. being a platform for women empowerment, we feel proud to share inspirational stories for others to follow. We bring below the stories of few Indian women entrepreneurs with their “GO GREEN” initiatives.

Mini Varkey Shibu, MINC Brand, Natural Khadi

She is an alumnus of the reputed National Institute of design (Ahmedabad). She is fond of eco fashion, minimalistic design and khadi. Today, she is the founder Director of Brand MINC. This is a pioneering eco fashion lifestyle label for women & young girls. She is Mini Varkey Shibu, a designer and an entrepreneur, who has been in the list of “greenovators” by India Today, and one of the 15 “eco-preneurs” in 2013. She has used hand-woven organic cotton – khadi – in a new avatar and her label was awarded the craftmark for “it’s Khadi” and “Adde Ka Kaam” for using blending traditional embroideries with modern style in 2017. All garments produced for the fashionable crowd are made of natural fabrics, are of great quality, style, eco-friendly and sustainable, where India’s talented weavers, natural dyers and the organic cotton farmers found a place in the changing trends of fashion.

Mini Varkey Shibu

Pallavi Agarwal and Prachi Agarwal, Chalk and Chuckles 

Meet the two sisters, Pallavi Agarwal and Prachi Agarwal, the founder directors of Chalk and Chuckles, a brand that offers eco-friendly toys and board games for children. Pallavi Agarwal, a finance graduate from University of Nottingham and Prachi Agarwal, a psychologist from Harvard Graduate School of Education, gave up their lucrative jobs and started their own venture to produce educational items that promote engagement time between kids and adults and improve the kids’ learning and development. Chalk and Chuckles was launched in the market in November 2011. Each game product is designed and created after thorough research that enable children to make use of their skills, ranging from socio-emotional skills, language skills, logic and mathematical skills, motor skills, to creativity. The best thing about Chalk and Chukles is that all products are produced using eco-friendly natural products, unlike the toxic plastic toys available in the market.

Pallavi Agarwal and Prachi Agarwal, Chalk and Chuckles

Preethi Sukumaran, Green Wash Krya Detergent Powder

Meet Preethi Sukumaran and her husband Srinivas Krishnaswamy, both from IIM, gave up their corporate jobs to start their own business, an eco-friendly enterprise “Krya” in 2010 that makes organic detergents. While using soapberries (locally known as Areetha, Poongankottai, Reetha and Kunkidikkai ) for washing clothes at home, this vegan couple from Chennai came up with the concept of launching ‘Krya Natural Detergent Powder’ as an alternative to the present-day chemical-based detergents. They get their soap berries from a certified organic farm in Andhra Pradesh, from which the washing powder is produced without adding any chemicals and fragrances. And this eco-friendly product is now exported to many nations, not to forget the loyal customers Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai. Besides being organic, Krya washing powder, leaves the clothes soft, naturally conditioned and are safe on colours too. More products like as organic floor cleaner, bathing powder, shampoo powder, dishwasher by the Krya brand are on the pipeline.

Preethi Sukumaran, Green Wash Krya Detergent Powder

No Straws Attached: A Campaign to go green by refusing plastic straws

Meet the trio, Priyanka Kalra, Umang Manchanda, Mallika Arya, the three 20+ youngsters from Gurugram, who have pioneered a new concept to “Go Green”. While having a drink at a cafe, these 3 young girls requested that they do not want a plastic straw in the glass. Considering that fact plastics are dangerous to the environment, these 3 friends took the pledge of starting a battle against plastic by not just refusing plastic, but by reaching out to the crux of the issue and providing solutions for the same. And thus ‘No Straws Attached’ was launched, a campaign against the use of plastics, starting with plastic straws at the first place. They are adopting a “two-step strategy”, first, making use of the social media to spread the message and second, initiating a conversation with business owners of restaurants and cafes so that they do not serve plastic straws. Along with this, it requests people to refuse the usage of plastic straws. The trio has established themselves not only in 7 Indian cities, but also in Bangkok, and two other countries – Mexico, and Uruguay.  Along with this, the trio wants to bring in an effective policy change, by making governments all over the world notice the need for banning plastic.


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