India has a Workforce waiting to breakthrough and they are Women


Our economy is on the upswing and it has been said India has the world’s highest number of people who can join the workforce to make our country great and a lot of initiative has gone into making that into a reality. However that is not the whole picture because even though we have significantly higher number of people below the age of thirty just waiting to scoop all the opportunities, women still do not figure out in the scheme of things. So what happens is the number which we are portraying to the world becomes much less if Indian women are not part of the burgeoning job market.

Why young women are not scheme of things?

It is true we are still a country restricted by customs and culture which prohibits women to go out and work and over the years this has reduced, the problem still lingers. Other reasons are family responsibility and running the household which is not a very easy thing to do and in itself deserves a lot of credit.

How things can change?

The answer is simple “Work from Home” or GharSeNaukri. What if women had an opportunity to work, make money and take care of the house simultaneously? Many companies have now realized this fact it is better to include women into the workforce because they not just waiting but are geared up to prove themselves.

Many startups now prefer to outsource work to people who can do it part time from home which is cost effective and the jobs which are posted in website of GharSeNaukri are as simple as data entry to tele calling. One does not have to worry about speaking English because many people in our country do not speak English and prefer their native tongue. These are just a couple of examples to show the depth of job requirement which is available in the market. Even BPO’s for the last few years hire part time employee because their motivations are different than the rest. Working from home will give women flexibility, stability and happiness because they want to play a vital role in developing our nation.

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