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Important Measures to Handle Mid-Career Crisis While in your Job

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Mid career crisis is something that many of us face in our professional lives. Especially for professional women, this is very common. At any point of our professional career, we get dissatisfied with our jobs. When we are young, we do not hesitate to experiment with new jobs and we consider resignation from one company and joining another as the best solution. But, when we are in our mid 40s or early 50s, we lose our interest in going for interviews and getting into a new job environment but at the same time we are not happy with our job. We lose our productivity, we lose interest in the job, we hate going to work, we remain stressed and depressed, and so on. This is what “mid-career” crisis is all about. During this time, there are two solutions: either we continue with our job just for the sake of just doing it or else we quit and resign.

But as a matter of fact, professionals should take mid-career crisis as a positive phase of their lives to come out stronger and better. Given below are some tried and tested ways to deal with your mid-career depression in a positive manner.

Important Measures to Handle Mid-Career Crisis While in your Job

  • Give a meaning to your job: Identify the job roles that you enjoy doing the most. Find out which part of the job is interesting, meaningful and more importantly rewarding for you. Think about the tasks that give you excitement. Think about the tasks on your part and your team that add value to the company. While working, you should know what contributes to achieving your company’s goals and objectives. Think about ways by which your work can benefits others, especially for your young team members. In short, try to find the positive aspects of your career or job which made you take up the job at the first place.
  • Get more of the work that you like or care about: Once you realize the meaning or importance of your job and have identified the most enjoyable roles, responsibilities and tasks, you should now plan on how to incorporate them into your work routine. You can also talk to your immediate boss for his advice and ask him to give you more of the work you care about. When you start doing meaningful tasks, half of your work stress burns out.
  • Challenge yourself: No doubt, you are now in that phase of your career where you have gained a lot of knowledge and expertise and may be you are a master in your current job role. So, this makes you a valuable asset to your organization. But then, it has been seen that when you do the same tasks that you love doing over and over again, there are chances of boredom and dissatisfaction. So, the solution here is to add some new challenges to your regular work. Try something new. Volunteer for new projects that you have not done earlier and not normally comfortable doing. This will help you to develop more skills. Add some excitement to the current monotony of your everyday work life.
  • Set professional goals: If you are experiencing a depression in your career, it is necessary to assess your current situation. Step back and see where you are and where you want to be. Develop a strategy to achieve your goals and fulfil your ambitions. Think about the future. And also, this gives you a chance to improve yourself on the personal level also. Access your strengths and weaknesses. Get rid of your weaknesses to achieve your professional goal. But yes, make your goal realistic and practical. Be focused and determined.
  • Find yourself a mentor or look for inspiration: If you are feeling uninspired at work, get in touch with someone whom you admire in your office or outside or any mentor. Try to find inspiration in others. Read stories or watch interviews or TedTalks of successful people or people whom you admire. Find inspiration in the people around you.
  • Develop new hobbies: Remember, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. If you remain dissatisfied with your work and show your dissatisfaction at home, then you destroy your home atmosphere too. So, develop a favourite past time so that once you are back home, you can rejuvenate yourself from your office stress. Meditate, walk, exercise, read, listen to music, take up a new hobby…all these can refresh your mind to a great extent.
  • Develop strong relationships with your boss and co-workers: This is very essential. The strong association that you can make with them, the better is it for you. The reason being, when you can share or discuss your problems with your boss or colleagues in your organization, you get an idea about their mind status too. If you have nobody to talk to or seek advice in your office, it will worsen the situation further. A strong team bond will help you find meaning in your tasks. Support from your team, co-workers and boss will help you to get rid of mid-career crisis.
  • Last but not the least, if nothing works out, leave your job and start everything afresh.

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