Why a Woman’s Self Esteem is Very Important: 14 Reasons for Women to have Self Esteem

Self esteem is important for all, especially the women, as it’s a known fact that since ages, women have lived under the rule of the patriarchal mindset of Indian society. Be it your father, your brother, your father-in-law or your husband, all women have faced dominance in their lives by the male members of the family. The importance of self esteem cannot be under-rated. Low self-esteem affects your behavior, thoughts, your confidence, your happiness, your success and thinking in a major way.

Is lack of self-esteem related to lack of ability?

No. Surprisingly, there is no relation between lack of self-esteem and lack of ability. Instead, lack of self esteem in women is the result of when they give too much of importance on achieving the unrealistic expectations or standards of others, especially parents, husband, kids and society. While self-confidence imbibes the feeling of positivity of succeeding at something, self-esteem is the building capacity to like and love yourself, so that you feel yourself important and worthwhile, irrespective of all the ups and downs of life. Your beliefs, values, philosophy of your life define your personal worth and not by the ones defined by others.

Why is it necessary to have self esteem?

Having self-esteem helps you to determine who you are, what you want, and deserve. It can help you know your true self and gives you the courage to move on if things don’t fall in place. You self esteem helps you in many ways:

  1. Life becomes simple and easy
  2. You will have more inner stability
  3. Keeping your self-esteem high, you will feel more deserving of good things in life
  4. You will be more stable
  5. You will be able to handle tough times better
  6. You will be less needy
  7. You will be happier
  8. You do not fear challenges
  9. You are able to stand up or speak for what you believe
  10. You have the guts to own up mistakes or admit your limitations
  11. You don’t need to be perfect all the time
  12. You do not worry about failure
  13. You do not compare with others as you know your worth and you know there is someone better than you
  14. You love yourself because of who you are and not because of what you can or cannot do.

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