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Importance of Transparency within an Organization: Ways to Bring about Transparency

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There are many times employees feel a sense of insecurity in their own office regarding their job. They remain worrying about the management. The employees are not happy with the way the work in the office is progressing and this lead to a downfall of the overall productivity of the team. Many times, they fail to share their opinion with the HR or the management of the worries brewing in their mind. This is basically due to the work environment of the workplace which does not provide transparency within the organization.

According to American Psychological Association Survey, nearly 25% of staffs do not trust their employer. Only about 0.5% employees believe their employer is open and direct with them.


In fact it is mandatory to have a proper channel in all companies for all employees to convey their views and opinions. This transparency is needed not only for a full-time employee but also for those who are into work-from-home jobs or are part-time employees.

Below are mentioned some effective ways to be considered to bring transparency in the workplace, whether you work in the office or work from home.

Employees should be given access to information: Employees should know how their company is faring. They need to be informed about the current status of the company, whether it is running at a loss or in profits. This will help the employees to boost their efforts in return. It helps to bring about a positive connection between the employer and the employees.

Let employees be given permission to share opinions and take decisions: Delegating permission to employees to give their opinions is an important way by which an employer can show how he considers his employees to be important for the organization. Employees who are authorized to take decisions on their own, when required can take control of their actions and this motivates them to do better.

Communication and information to flow within the organization: As an employer, do not opt for unidirectional communication. All communication and information should be shared among all. There should be an effective communication channel where employees can share their innovative ideas or avoid unwanted things for the betterment of the company. Thus, inviting every employee to share their ideas, along with their complaints and feedback is a good way to build transparency.

Give employment to similar mindset candidates: Employees would prefer to work in an organization when their goals and the employer’s goals are more or less similar. If the work attitude of the employer and the employee is similar, it is of great help to the organization as a whole, including the workers. Hiring the same type of people is very effective and this brings about transparency within the organization.

Transparency is needed within the organization for the following benefits:

  • Employees appear to be a lot of engaged
  • Employees get intrigued by what’s occurring in the company.
  • Productivity increases
  • More productive ideas get exchanged
  • Uncalled for situations or damage can be avoided
  • Trust in management improves

Business is all about a teamwork, common goals, hardwork and efforts which need cooperation and equality to find out the solutions to every critical problem faced by the organization. This is possible only when there is transparency within the organization.



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