If you have a Skill, GharSeNaukri has a Job


Are you a dynamic candidate with intangible skills and seek a balance between your domestic life and professional life? More often, people get confused between core skills and academic awards whereas “soft skills” refer to intangible skills that generally have the tendency to add up to an amazing career. A particular stream in which someone holds a degree or bulleted candidature accomplishments in a HR file are significant, but the power of invisible skills guarantees an online job effortlessly. Basically, what you do at a work is a skill. Every day, millions of well- qualified women search for online jobs that are flexible with their routine and could easily pay for their expanses. They have high qualification with a wonderful soft skill set but most of them could not keep up with the regular job because of certain household responsibilities. Some of the talented ladies could not find a good job in the market because of being absent from their regular career for a long time. Hence, this absentee’s list punched with skilled candidates is long and consists of capable talents looking for online jobs.

International market is flooded with multi- talented female candidates well- versed with specific skills, competencies and abilities, who are capable of performing multi- tasking at given deadlines. GharSeNaukri brings a ray of new sun in the life for these multi- skilled ladies in order to help them grasping the hold of their lives. It is a dedicated platform empowered with multiple online jobs with flexible work hours placed by certified employers.

Check out the below mentioned “soft skills” including certifications that can help you to grab a suitable online job at GharSeNaukri platform:

Good communication skills and commercial awareness: 

Having sound knowledge of industry or business acumen is indeed a plus point for working in the market place. Commercial awareness is a deciding factor that strengthens the curriculum vitae and offers an employer a clear insight of your sharp understanding skills. Immaculate verbal and written communication contributes in mating up the criteria of online jobs such as online sales & marketing consultant, telecommunication and content writing, etc.

Ability to work under pressure and adaptability:

Adaptableness is a great combination when it joins ability to perform under stressful deadlines. This valuable skill is an asset in disguise as employers seek for navigational aptitude in employees as they believe that these candidates serve at their best in relentlessly changing corporate world.

Open mindedness with positive attitude:

This intangible skill opens a gateway to perseverance and resilience while a candidate performs a result- oriented job within realistic boundaries. Cheerfulness in heart and fortitude in mind helps winning completing tough targets and winning over the heart of employers. If you are excellent at leaving household affairs in your drawing room and working with a positive approach while at work, then a good future awaits ahead at GharseNaukri online job platform.

Confidence and motivation:

A bit of “Get up and go”with a blend of motivation and confidence generates the excellent problem solving skills that are necessary to work from home. This skill helps at striking a balance between professionalism and domestic life. It enhances productivity and helps resolving issues.

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