How working part time has invigorated women, family and Companies in India


There was a time in India when the moment marriage was fixed and if the girl was working the first demand would be in many cases, she must quit her job. However over the years this silly practice of making a women quit her job has slowly diminished. But the reality is many women give up thriving carrier on their own accord for the sake of taking care of children.

This whole concept of absent mother and wife is an asinine theory because working women knows how to balance work and family which is a skill GharSeNaukri has managed to recognize and is doing everything to support this cause. Imagine if a woman who works full time, yet she make time for children and run a household like clockwork. That is some time management skill and given responsibility towork for a company from home what she can accomplish.

It is very exciting time in corporate India who has realized it is time to utilize this golden opportunity and take help of women who are stay at home moms. There are many tasks which do not need a full time employee and if that work can be done from home, it is cost effective and the quality of work is pristine.

GharSeNaukri is a perfect catalyst to bring corporate India and untapped women workforce on one dais to work part time. Fact is it is the small companies and startups which are reaping benefits from this because they are getting more work done by part time employees than hiring someone full time. So it can be said with certainty working part time has invigorated women, family and Companies in India.

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