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How Women can Become Good Leaders at Workplaces?


Women have come a long way in the professional world in today’s time but still have a long way to go….gender disparity is still a main issue and even today in the modern day offices, men are given more preference in leadership roles and positions. Women are just as qualified and capable as their male counterparts but when it comes to choosing someone for a senior level management role or product head or any leadership role, it’s the men who get the privileges. Why is this so? Because, our societal framework is still in the midst of same old mindset that women have more responsibilities at home than at office. So, even if they work, their main priority should kids, household works and family.

Let’s break away from this mindset….Tips for women to become good leaders at workplaces

The following article gives some essential tips on how women can become good leaders at workplaces, how they can make their presence felt, be heard and make important contributions in their work expertise. Here is what you can do:

Have courage and speak up

It’s time to speak up. Many women professionals fear of what others think about them in the work environment. They find it difficult to voice their opinions in meetings, especially when they are in a room full of male employees. Either they don’t have confidence in speaking up or they are not heard. Don’t be afraid of what others will say. Be assertive. Make sure to give your point of view and if anyone tries to interrupt in between, simply say confidently, ‘I am not done yet’. That is one way to make yourself heard and seen. Remember, when you are called for a meeting, there is a reason. So, remaining silent won’t help you. Your opinion too matters and if you do not speak, it means that you are not prepared to be there.

Be open to change and challenges

Be open to change. Many women professionals plan their daily routine at workplaces in their own ways, getting stuck in that work profile. These women actually play safe and want to stay comfortably. But, if you really want to prove yourself and make yourself visible and be a leader, you have to come out of your comfort zone on your own. Be open to new job roles where you can show your caliber more. Be open to take up new responsibilities, to learn new skills, to upgrade yourself. You should show your seniors that you are just capable as your male counterparts to take up any new challenges.

Don’t get bogged down by what others say

Many women are also in the fear of losing their soft, sober image in front of others. They try to people pleasing so much that they prefer to take a backseat, fearing of what others will say if they speak up. Remember, you will find many colleagues who will speak against you or form an opinion about you. You will also find few of your female colleagues backbiting against you. While you cannot stop others to think or say what they feel like, you can at least stop worrying about them, and be in charge of your work. So don’t fret on what others say. If you want to prove yourself, you do your work as you feel right and make your presence felt as and when required.

Be confident

Be confident in what you say, what you do and how you do. Your confidence speaks a lot about you. In a men’s world at workplaces, its your confidence that can take you forward. Be confident and take charge. You have a doubt, you have questions…. Don’t hesitate to ask. You have a difference of opinion, be confident enough to voice your opinion. You want to prove your worth and take up more challenging tasks, speak up, convey your interest to your boss and also how you are going to do it. Believe in yourself, know your worth, and be confident. But confidence should not be associated with arrogance. Be humble in your approach and make your own path.

Be a mentor

Be a leader in the true sense. You don’t have to be officially designated as a team leader or manager or a head. Your actions, your work, your attitude can itself make you a leader. How? Mentor and support other younger colleagues at the workplace. Motivate them, train them, offer them help when they want. Speak up for those who cant. Take charge not only for yourself but also for others at the workplace. This makes you a born leader.

GharSeNaukri.com makes way to make you leaders in your work

Time and again, GharSeNaukri.com has organized workshops and training programs for women to help them to upgrade themselves, to build their confidence level and be a leader in their own way. Whether at home or at workplaces, women are born leaders and there are many reasons to prove this. Its just that at times women need that push to move forward and we are here to give that extra push to take you forward in your career. Join us in our mentorship programs.

For more info, get in touch with us at hrservices@gharsenaukri.com


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