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How to Create Work-Life Integration for Returning Professionals?

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Striking the perfect balance between career and family has always been a challenge for Indian working women. This is one main reason for which we see women professionals giving up their career midway. Becoming a mother becomes one of the major causes for women leaving their jobs as they don’t have the necessary support system to take care of the new-born baby. When the maternity leave is over or when the child starts going to school, most women professionals try to get back to work. Not only the new and young mothers, there are many middle-aged or senior level women professionals who are now ready to get back to work after a long career break. We term these professionals as “Returning professionals”.

Returning to work after a career break is actually a very daunting task. You may be unsure of your job, your company, which way to go, you may feel low in confidence and so on. Under such circumstances, it is advisable for returning women professionals to bring about  proper work-life integration.

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How to Create Work-Life Integration for Returning Professionals?

  • First of all, when you join your previous organization or a new one, ask for flexible working hours. You have to find out whether the company follows a flexi time policy or not. If they don’t, you have talk to your reporting manager regarding this and request for flexible timing.
  • Infact, as an experienced returning professional, you can work with your immediate manager or the HR team to design flexible work timings, and other work‐life arrangements so that these do not compromise the business outcomes.
  • If the company already has that option, the returning professionals should familiarize themselves with the company’s work‐life programs, make use of them appropriately and at the same time check on what fellow-colleagues are opting for.
  • It is also necessary for returning women professionals to figure out their needs. Work-life integration is different for different individuals. It is you who have to prioritize and organize your tasks, whether official or personal. You have to manage your time according to your needs to fulfill both personal and professional commitments.
  • Work-life integration means integrating your work and personal activities in a better way. So, when you join back again, you should engage yourself in your work with full dedication and sincerity and add value to the organization, whether you work remote or in your place of work. It’s not the quantity of hours put in but the quality of work done. So put productivity above hours. 

Some Work Life Integration examples

  • Leaving office early and answering emails or calls from home
  • Taking some time out for your own well-being during office hours by joining in yoga, exercise, and walking clubs either in office (if the office provides) or nearby
  • You can bring your child to work after school
  • You can go home during lunch break to see your kid once he or she comes back from school or feed your baby
  • If the office provides a crèche then make use of it. In this way you baby will be near you
  • Work-life integration also includes training programs or courses offered to the employees for better growth and the returning professionals should go for it to upgrade their skills.

GharSeNaukri.com Encourages Employers to Adopt Work Life Integration

Gharsenaukri.com encourages more and more employers of the country to adopt work-life integration programs for better work productivity. We have in our database thousands of job profiles of women returning professionals looking for full-time and part-time jobs that promise proper work-life integration. If we talk of women empowerment in real sense, it’s time for organizations to give these returning women professionals their due and pave the path towards reducing the gender gap disparity at workplace.



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