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How Can Start-ups Produce Great Workplace Culture? GharSeNaukri.com to Help Employers to Set Up Good Workplace Culture

In a corporate environment of the present day world, it is the workplace culture which can either make the company or break it. The importance of workplace culture becomes all the more important in a start-up company, which requires more output in a short time, and that calls for a supportive work team and the perfect work culture.

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How to produce a good workplace culture?

Experts have suggested the following ways to employers/start-ups to build a work culture that drives their success:

  • Assign an employee who owns up ownership: It is necessary that start-ups should have that “one” specific person who takes up the responsible for the culture. A person, who acts as the owner and emphasises on the work culture, can encourage and lead everyone else in the right direction.
  • Know the gene of your company: In the initial years, when there is too much of slogging in creating a brand name and expanding your products and services, you end up hiring more people to get inducted into the system within a short time frame. This, no doubt, brings with it cultural issues as people from different backgrounds join your company. Hence, it becomes important to identify the DNA of the company so that you are capable to choose only those who identify themselves with your work culture and become assets to the company, and not those who can erode the culture of your company.
  • Know the values of the company: Values are an essential part of any company’s ethics. Identify the core values of your company, which can be honesty, excellence, dedication, sincerity. You also need leaders who portray these qualities. As an employer too, you should imbibe with you these essential core values, not just for display but in reality. Next, do not hire people for just skills. Rather, hire people with skills and who reflect the set of values your company believes in. Always remember, a committed, docile, humble, average performer can be a great asset to a start-up than the abrasive, aggressive, high-maintenance performer.
  • Promote trust and transparency: To create a desirable workplace environment, your employees should trust you. Transparency is the key to earning trust. Communicate with your employees. Let them know about the company’s performance every quarter, whether it is good or bad. Share new developments in your company, social activities, including acquiring new clients or losing old ones. Discuss with them about the future. Transparency can definitely lead to a high-performing culture.
  • Be open to feedbacks and suggestions: Make sure there is a meaningful two-way feedback between you and the employees. This produces a positive and productive work environment. Let your employees be given the right platform to voice their concerns, whether positive or negative. At the same time, as an employer, make sure that individual feedback is provided to employees on a regular basis.

GharSeNaukri.com to Help Employers to Set Up Good Workplace Culture

To create a right workplace culture is actually an on-going process. But to create the base of a workplace culture of a start-up company, an employer do need to emphasize the facts mentioned above. Let us help you to create a great workplace culture for your start-up, while you focus more on promoting your business and getting new clients. With a database of thousands of job seekers, who are experts in various domains, GharSeNaukri.com‘s HR team can create the best team for your company, who in turn, will be the backbone towards a great workplace culture.

For all kinds of HR consultancy, services and solutions, get in touch with our team at hrservices@gharsenaukri.com. Contact us at 9266660121 or visit us at GharSeNaukri Connects Employers with diverse talent lead

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