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How CCA Program in Career Counselling Transformed these Homemakers in to Entrepreneurs?

Career Advice

Certified Career Analyst (CCA) is a Professional Certification Program for Career Counselling Practice. Edumilestones.com  is one of the best-known organizations and pioneers in the country in providing career counselling training using the most-advanced scientific tool and analysis methods. The company follows a complete scientific approach to deliver the most effective  CCA program and solutions . Today, Edumilestones.com has more than 500 successfully trained qualified counsellors and educators based in more than 35 locations in the country. The organisation also feels proud to have counselled more than 50 thousand students through associated partners since 2010 and have made a positive impact on the lives of the students.


From homemakers to entrepreneurs through CCA training

The company’s CCA program has been of great help to our hundreds of qualified housewives who have found an excellent way to become entrepreneurs by setting up their own career counselling centres after being trained and certified by Edumilestones.com.

Let’s hear their success stories…

From a HR professional to a Career Counsellor: Meet Mrs Lakshmi Rao, the founder of “Start Point Career Counselling Centre” in Hyderabad

A successful HR professional with a high-flying career, Mrs. Lakshmi Rao had to leave her career at her peak only to give support to her daughter who is a budding badminton player. She knew it was not easy for her to allow her daughter to opt for “Sports” as a career as it was not the conventional career. While everyone in the family was not very supportive to this decision of pursuing sports as a career, Mrs. Laksmi Rao did not step back. She left her job, relocated from Australia which was her last office stint, and settled down in Hyderabad, devoting all her time to fulfil her daughter’s dream. She was managing everything for her daughter. While giving support and encouragement to her daughter, she realized that there are many sons and daughters of our country who are talented but lack the necessary support required to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. It was then Mrs. Lakshmi Rao decided to take up the formal CCA training program  offered by Edumilestones.  Once she became a certified career counsellor, she started her own counselling centre in Hyderabad. Her “Start point Career Counselling Center” in Hyderabad is one of the reputed career counselling centres in the state, providing counselling to many parents and students. She is planning to expand her counselling reach to thousands of parents and students all across the country in the near future.


Edumilestones fully support Mrs. Lakshmi Rao in her endeavour to get the best out of the young minds.


From a Lecturer to a Career Counsellor, Mrs Tina Jhanb has come a long way

Edumilestones feels proud to present before you another success story of a homemaker…

 Meet Mrs. Tina Jhanb. A lecturer by profession in the reputed Lady Sriram College, a supremely intelligent student of her time, being a gold medalist in Statistics, she left her lucrative job only to be a mentor and a counsellor to thousands of students who are in dilemma in choosing the right career path. This she realized when her own students in LSR approached her for career guidance. She realized that most students are clueless about their future as they are not getting the right guidance. It was a tough decision for her to leave her job but she made up her mind to be a guiding support to all students. For this, she joined the CCA program offered by Edumilestones. Very soon, she became a qualified career counsellor and she started her own counselling centre by the name of “Calibre Connect Counselling Centre” in Faridabad. This has become a reputed career counselling centre not only in Faridabad but also in Delhi NCR as a whole.


Her decision to mentor and guide numerous students to a joyful career path has been wholeheartedly supported by Edumilestones.

Meet Mrs Hemalatha Sriram: From an IT professional to a successful career counsellor in Chennai

 Yet another success story from Edumilestones to show how the organization is supporting homemakers to become entrepreneurs on their own.

 Mrs Hemalatha was an IT professional with years of experience. During her professional stint in various Corporates, she saw how professionals of various backgrounds face career crisis in their lives, how they face work-life imbalances while working and get frustrated in their jobs. All these made her realize that what these young professionals require is proper career counselling so that they choose the right job and enjoy what they do. She attended personal development training program in Chennai offered by Edumilestones. While attending the training, she had only one resolution: to set up her own successful practice within a years’ time. True to her words, immediately after 1 year of completion of the CCA program, she opened her own career counselling centre “Meru Career Counselling Centre”. This is one of the popular counselling centres in Chennai where Mrs Sriram provides counselling to professionals and students not only from Chennai, but also from Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain and rest of India as well.

Edumilestones applauds Mrs. Hemalatha Sriram in keeping her promise to become a hugely successful career counsellor

These are just few success stories of homemakers turning into entrepreneurs through the CCA training offered by Edumilestones. We have many more such stories to share …

Get yourself enrolled in CCA entrepreneur program , get professional training, certification, and start your own career counselling practice in just 30 days.



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