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How can women be successful in their professional Career? 9 tips to reach great heights in career

Career Advice

To get success in professional career is not easy for both men and women and this becomes all the more difficult for a woman. A woman has to play many roles in her lifetime and while trying to don the perfect “wife”, “mother”, “daughter-in-law” role, the role of her as a “career woman” gets crushed or interrupted. It becomes increasingly challenging for a woman at one point of time to manage both home and work, and as such her work takes a backseat. But, as a matter of fact, this should not be the case.

This article gives you some tips and strategies to get ahead in the professional world, without compromising on your family roles and responsibilities.


Don’t be afraid to take risks and move out of your comfort zone

Experts say that those who don’t take risks miss some bright career opportunities. Women while working get used to the “same” working style they have been following, and become so very comfortable with the job role that they have been doing that they don’t want to try something new. They don’t dare to take risks with the fear of potential pitfalls. But it is necessary that they should know how to come out the comfort level and take on challenges that advance their career. For instance, if a particular project gives you a promotion with hike but you have to stay in some other place, go for it. It’s just a matter of few days when things fall in place on their own.

Don’t reveal your family plans and goals to the management

You have just joined a new organization. You are newly married. You are doing your job very efficiently and most likely you will be promoted soon because of your efficiency.  But, if by any reasons, the management gets to hear that you are starting a family soon, your promotion will be overlooked. If they know beforehand that you are going to start your family soon, they might not consider you for a promotion or a hike. It is always advisable not to discuss family goals with anyone in your organization as most companies know that paying for maternity leave can be costly.

Do what you love doing

As it is you have a demanding life, both at home and work. So, put in your effort to the extent of what you can do instead of pushing yourself in something which drains you out. So, you should choose a job that you love doing it so that you can devote your time to your work with full enthusiasm, and at the same time you have time for other activities as well. If you don’t love your job, you won’t have any energy left to fully dedicate yourself to your work as well to your home. By doing something you love to do, you’ll have the necessary motivation, and energy to succeed.

Learn technology

Technology continues to advance and at the same time technology advances your career. With the virtual world expanding at an increasing pace, learn how to make your work easier using your smart phones. Learn how to conduct search on the Internet to get the right information immediately so that your work does not get delayed. Learn coding and programming even if it is not required in your job role. You never know when these new things can help you in your career. The more you know about modern technology, and the more you can adopt new technologies, the further your knowledge will take you in your career.

Never say no to learn new skills

Ask your team lead to conduct trainings in the office to upgrade your present skills. Learn new skills for your career growth. If you are in the finance domain and you have the necessary qualification, it does not mean that you should not learn anything new. If you are an MBA in Finance, take up an additional CFA course. For working executives, distance learning programs are also available. For any profession, getting some leadership training and certification can prepare you to take on a management role.

Don’t hesitate to ask for additional responsibilities

Seek additional responsibilities when you are confident of handling it. This way you can show your employer that you are a hard worker, as well as a learner and keen to take up more work for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of the company in which you are working. Seeking new responsibilities also get rid of your monotonous work, and you can achieve fulfillment through your work.

Be confident

Having confidence on yourself means that you know yourself, your self-worth and your abilities. Never underestimate yourself. Continue to learn and keep yourself strong and motivated to get to your next career goal.

Discuss your professional goals with your immediate manager

Let your manager know your professional goals. Make him aware of the fact that you are career minded and want to grow in your field. Discuss your goals with him, discuss on promotion and salary with him as well, and ask your manager to guide you set up a course of action for you to achieve them. Your end goal should be specific, and you should not hesitate to take up all efforts to reach that goal in your life.

Change your job if required for more growth

If you feel that there is not much growth prospect for you in the company, your work is getting dragged and you are not learning anything new, or you are confused in your career or your company itself is not performing, then consider switching jobs. Apply for new jobs as soon as you see new opportunities coming up to enhance your professional growth.

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