How To Hire Talented Freelancers

Word Press Project Management states that freelancers make up 33 percent of US labour force. Hiring freelancers for your company’s projects and services shall transform your way of managing projects and be a rewarding strategy for your company. Hiring talented freelancers on hourly basis shall also be cost effective.  Freelancers are a good alternative for employers.

Hire-a-writer-From GharSeNaukri
Hire-a-writer-From GharSeNaukri

GharSeNaukri is a perfect platform for companies and employers to hire freelancers from various field of expertise.  As an interface for companies and freelancers, association with GSN is cheaper, easier, less paperwork and onboarding time. A random search for freelancer will result in various sites wherein employers can find the registered freelancers and bid a price for the write-up. But at GSN, we showcase your company’s requirements and connect the freelancer of your required expertise.  Companies might need a legal service freelancer for a short term or a content writer for the website for a long term assignment or a data analyst for project execution, GSN has registered qualified professionals.

Providing the best source of freelancers in an employer’s local community is our mission. GSN has an inventory of women professionals keen to do freelancing be it Web/Graphic Designer,  Content Writer, Website Designer/Marketer, Image Editors, Proof Reading/Editing or Recruiting Professionals. As an employer from a Corporate house or Company or Start-up, GSN shall offer you a skilled, talented freelancers who shall bring an unparalleled value to your job profile. By engaging a brand of freelance women professionals, GSN promotes the company’s brand and name. 

GSN’s trusted partners are Oziva wherein professionals can be a part of the entrepreneurship program.  Techblue Software has partnered with GSN for freelancers in Automation Quality Analysis. GSN has partnered with several companies like Tata Edge, Make My Trip, SOTC for freelancing opportunities in various services.

As employers if you are looking or freelancers on hourly basis or for long and short term assignments from various skill sets, GSN has an inventory of premium freelancers. Connect with GharSeNaukri and add value to your organization by hiring freelancing services.


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