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Going Entrepreneurial for Women over 50: Tips for Success

You are a 50-plus woman and now you have ample time for yourself as your kids have grown up and can manage on their own. So what do you do? Music, Movies, Friends, Shopping, Reading, Travelling….there are lots in your bucket list, right? Good, it is time for you to enjoy life. But, if you want, you can also utilize your wisdom, maturity, knowledge, experiences gathered all these years in a better way. How? By Going Entrepreneurial…Yes, you hear me right. There is nothing wrong to start anything new at this age. And, if by doing something on your own, you earn for yourself and your family, it is all the more better.

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Going Entrepreneurial by Women over 50

If you have the resources and skills, starting up a business of your own is something that you can seriously give a thought. No doubt, you have all the qualities to be an entrepreneur as you have years of experience in terms of home management, time management, finance management, managing, interacting and understanding other people, handling multi tasks and so on. And, you get to be your own boss.

Tips for success

  • Choose the right field of your interest to start your own business
  • Prepare yourself well before starting like as finances, work space, deliveries etc.
  • Write a good business plan. Your business plan will include a summary of what your business is all about, what are your products and services, your business’ financial outlook and so on. Learn new skills if required, especially digital and technical skills
  • Find a mentor who could guide you along your new path. Someone whom you know personally
  • Market yourself and your products. You can start initially with your friends, relatives and neighbours
  • Create a FaceBook page of your business
  • Go online. Display your products in WomeninBusiness.in
  • Keep physically fit and mentally sharp
  • Stay positive and enthusiastic

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