GharSeNaukri wants to tap into India’s Hidden Women Workforce


India has seen an astronomical growth in the field of education in the last two decades and this means crores of educated young Indians. It is a humongous workforce. Unfortunately only a fraction of this vast educated population gets stable jobs. The situation is grimmer in case of women population. Very few of educated or semi-educated women manage to get a job and become financially independent. This means, there is a vast hidden women workforce out there waiting to be tapped.

Why there are so few working women?

We see very few women at our work places compared to men.  Our social norms, taboos and patriarchal mindsets are responsible for keeping women away from workplaces.  Women in India are expected to get married almost soon after they complete their studies. Marriage makes her dependent on the approval of her husband or her in-laws for doing a job, which normally is not granted. Early childbirth may extend her moratorium on taking up a job and often one pregnancy is followed with another within few years and this seals her prospects of a job. Lack of mobility is another reason that discourages women to do office jobs. But things could be different if only somebody could provide these women a prospect of “GharSeNaukri”.

What is “GharSeNaukri”?

“GharSeNaukri” is an online job portal that offers freelance jobs to those women who either do not want to, or cannot take up an office job and would like to work from their home.  The promoters of “GharSeNaukri” are firm advocates of women empowerment and it is their belief that nothing can empower a woman more than her financial independence. As long as she is dependent on her parents before marriage or on her husband after her marriage, she cannot enjoy the fruits of empowerment. With this unique job portal, the vast hidden women workforce of India will get a golden opportunity to get a job of their liking and feel empowered with their self-earned income.

Who can benefit from “GharSeNaukri”?

Unmarried women, College going girls, freelancers, married women, bored housewives, stay-at-home moms, retired ladies, specially-abled women etc are some of the category of women who can benefit from “GharSeNaukri”. There is no dearth of freelance job openings at the portal with hundreds of jobs from a plethora of industries. There are many jobs like content writing, teaching, recruiting, marketing, customer care, market research, survey, data entry and database management etc which can be effectively handled from home. Companies are also exploring innovative ways of hiring less expensive and readily available workforce to manage crucial functions and tapping into the vast hidden women workforce with “GharSeNaukri” is a tailor-made solution for such job providers.

How to use “GharSeNaukri” to get jobs at home?

It’s as simple as it gets. Just register with “GharSeNaukri” by visiting the portal online and then uplink your well made CV. Let your CV bring out all your talents, skills and job experiences for you don’t know how a job provider may want to use your services. Job providers who are partnering with “GharSeNaukri” scout for candidates by logging into their accounts with the portal and going through various CVs.  A women registered with the portal can also keep a tab on listed job openings and apply for suitable jobs.

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