GharSeNaukri is Women Empowerment


Women empowerment means too many things. It means educating girl child, giving equal rights to women, making laws that grant them security against sexual abuse, domestic violence or dowry demands etc. However, the truth is, in spite of all the above ‘empowerment’ factors, a women can continue to be vulnerable and weak if she is not financially independent.

Unfortunately, managing a house is not considered a ‘Job’

Financial independence comes from access to self-earned money and not from getting it as an ‘allowance’ by the husband or in-laws. Of course when a woman manages a house as a homemaker, she does provide productive work and deserves remuneration for that. But somehow the governments and societies world over have no formal and organised system of ‘paying’ a salary to a homemaker for crucially important services rendered by her. Therefore homemaker women and ‘stay at home moms’  largely remain devoid of tasting he fruits of women empowerment

Who really needs empowerment?

India has changed immensely in last two decades and women are employed in every walk of life in huge numbers. However, most of these women already come from an empowered background. So the crux of the argument is this that unless the weaker and deprived women of India do not find opportunity to be financially independent, women empowerment will remain a cosmetic achievement. What this weaker section of women need is a job opportunity and one that allows them to do a “GharSeNaukri” job.

Why “GharSeNaukri”?

We must understand that the reason why so many educated women are not able to take up a job is not because there is an absolute dearth of job opportunity in their city but because they cannot hold a regular office job for various reasons. It may be because a woman is not allowed to do an office job by her hubby or in-laws or because she has so many house responsibilities that she cannot afford to be away from home. For all these women, “GharSeNaukri” is the best antidote for all constraints. She can satisfy her in-laws, look after the house responsibilities and can be around children to take good care of them.

“GharSeNaukri” is true women empowerment

GharSeNaukri” is path-breaking and revolutionary endeavour that is focused on providing easy part-time and full time freelancing job opportunities to women so that they become financial independent. It is an online job portal which is 100% dedicated to women. There are unlimited job categories to choose from and earn a good monthly amount as a freelancer. Some of the categories include jobs like tutor, freelance writer, fashion designer, web designer, HR assistant, data collector, digital marketing etc.

The portal is supported by hundred of job provider companies and brands who want to make their contribution towards the noble cause of women empowerment by posting freelance job openings on the portal. All an interested job seeker has to do is to sign up with “GharSeNaukri” and upload her detailed CV. As per the information given in the CV, either job providers will contact the registered member or the job seeker can watch the job offering space on the portal and apply for suitable jobs. This is a true women empowerment platform as the job opportunity can reach every nook and corner of the country and into the laps of women who need these jobs the most.

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