GharSeNaukri – Enabling Women Empowerment in India

shades of women empowerment gharsenaukri
Shades of Women Empowerment GharSeNaukri

GharSeNaukri is a unique platform for women from all walks of life which firmly believes that women can ‘Have it all! Do it all! Regardless of what field they are in.’ The Global Gender Gap Index by the World Economic Forum captures the magnitude of gender-based disparities in various countries and as per 2014 report; India is below average in Economic Participation and opportunity and is part of the twenty worst-performing countries on Labour force participation (ranked at 134 out of 142 countries).

Majority of working women in India still face the stereotypical myriad of issues – childcare, unfair share of domestic chores, gender bias at work, extreme work conditions, security issues and eldercare. This leads to a lower rate of women employment and lesser retention in the workforce. Thus a holistic and a comprehensive platform can be a catalyst for women empowerment. This catalyst of change with the motive of engaging women with flexible working hours and enhancing entrepreneurial skills is the underlying statement concept of GharSeNaukri.

This distinctive career portal resolutely offers women with variety of choices with the vision to bridge the disparities and empower the large capable efficient unemployed or underemployed women to be engaged in diverse workforce. GharSeNaukri offers flexible working options because it is an essential parameter to enhance employment across socio- gender demographics and reduce barriers which prevent women from entering or remaining in work.

GharSeNaukri advocates diversity initiatives for women. There is a tremendous potential of women workforce, which needs to be tapped and women need to be empowered and our portal provides the means and choices with various career resources, organizational information, and network of entrepreneurs and community interface. “We believe in empowerment! And we are paving for its way as a catalyst of change!”

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Anan has said “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” Empowerment of women not only impacts the economic output of a nation, but changes the structural dynamics and brigs about a cultural change in the society or the community in which women exist. Empowering women is the underlying mission of GharSeNaukri…..enhancing a woman’s entrepreneurial or working skills by providing her the best life choices shall lead to a class or a brand of empowered women.

There is a famous quote “Life shrinks or expands to the proportion of one’s courage”…….. GharSeNaukri wants to challenge that proportion, wants to expand horizons, wants to shrink gaps, Wants to rebuild every woman’s life with innovation, competency, dignity and proper informed choices!!!

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