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GharSeNaukri.com Leads the Path for Opening Avenues of Employment for Housewives

Motivating and Empowering People

Till a few years, when the question whether a married woman or a housewife should work or not is asked, the answer is a definite “NO”.

The notion is that a married woman should keep herself occupied in making a home for her husband and in rearing his children. An ideal wife is one who would participate without any hesitation in whatever interests her husband and her in-laws and bring up an ideal home. Her full-time occupation is restricted to just one sphere of activity — the home.

Cut to present scenario: “Should a married woman work or not?” 
The answer is “Why Not?”

Things are still the same….we still have the same patriarchal mind set, the male-dominated society. But thankfully, things have changed for the better with improvement in education and giving importance to reduce the increased gender disparity at workplace. We have women participating and becoming leaders in every sphere. Be it education, science, technology, sports, politics, entertainment, men and women are almost on the same boat, contributing to the economy.

But, unfortunately, there is still a long way to go….even today, there is a huge chunk of female population who are educated and qualified and now in the status of a “housewife” or a “homemaker”.

Of course, there is nothing wrong to be a housewife…..but it is not wrong to be empowered either…

Isn’t it possible to work as well as be a homemaker and maintain a perfect balance in life?

Yes, it is possible…..

GharSeNaukri.com makes it a reality

This is one basic objective which GharSeNaukri.com, India’s largest career platform for women wants to achieve and is being successful.

We are an online community and career platform, solely designed for women to look for excellent work-from-home jobs, part-time and remote jobs, which can they conveniently from home as per their convenience.

The concept of gig economy is slowly gaining its prominence in India, and we are one among the first to give full support to this concept.

It is time to revisit and reform outdated working legislation and policies that act as obstacles to women entering or staying in the workforce. We believe in fostering the creation of better jobs, encouraging employers to provide support for child and elder care, and providing mobility to and from work. Not only these, we want employers to support and implement flexible work models so that more and more Indian housewives move out of their homes to work, earn and be empowered. All these can remove significant structural barriers for women to access employment.

Thankfully, we are associated with such organizations and employers who believe and support our endeavor.

Lots of job opportunities await you……

From content writing to recruiting, from digital marketing to travel consultancy, from sales agent to customer care executives, there are lots of job opportunities available here that women can do from home.

It’s time to buckle up your shoes and think beyond your restricted area, that is your home….

A call-out to all housewives of India

Come and tread into a path where you can work from home and be financially strong and independent….


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