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GharSeNaukri.com is Inclined Towards Both Emotional Stability and Financial Stability of Women

emotional stability

WOMAN: Basically a single person with multiple roles to play, and the expectation is that she should be perfect in all the roles. There is no denying the fact that a woman once she gets married needs to be a perfect  wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law…

She is required to accustom herself in her husband’s home, where it is taken for granted that she should be able to maintain harmony and create an atmosphere which nurtures relationships.

With motherhood, she needs to be patient, resilient, capable to handle moods of the child and others’, and should be sensitive to other people’s emotions.

And once she steps into the professional world, she needs to be that perfect professional worker, who can become your best confidant, a colleague and also a boss.

Today, she is indispensable to the home, the society and even offices. Today, her role is not confined to homes only but also in the outside world where she works as much as her male colleagues. But at the same time, she has the additional responsibilities of looking after home, kids and family.

All these multiple roles and responsibilities at home and office take a toll of her life and make her lose her emotional stability.

What is emotional stability?

Emotional stability is a trait which is a much-need trait for everyone, especially women. It’s a state of mind where you are in a position to handle difficult situations, withstand adversity, and remain productive, positive and capable throughout.

Sometimes women get to a point in their lives when they feel that they are not as emotionally stable as they would like to be. They get really angry at times when not needed, they become deeply sad for any random reason, or they find themselves so depressed and disgusted that they cannot participate in normal everyday things. These are signs of emotionally instability and these are seen in both working and non-working women in today’s time.

emotionally unstable woman

When does a professional woman become emotionally unstable?

There are many situations, circumstances which make a woman emotionally unstable.

For instance:

  • She is working and she is facing lots of work pressure. She is not able to spend time with her kids and family much. She is not being able to maintain the perfect balance of life and work.
  • She is working but she is not being appreciated for her work and her male counterparts are getting the brownies
  • She is working but her thoughts are always in her home which reduces her productivity.
  • At times, she has to give up her professional career to look after her family.

There are many such situations in her professional life that even if she wants to climb up the Corporate ladder, her family and household obligations do not allow her. This frustrates her, leading her to emotional instability.

When does a non-working woman become emotionally unstable?

Similarly, there are many circumstances when a non-working woman becomes emotionally unstable too. She handles all tasks at home but bear the brunt of criticism from her kids, husband and in-laws. Since she is not working outside, her works at home are usually being ignored. She is financially dependent on others and this makes her more weak and vulnerable.

A situation comes in her life when she loses her confidence, her self-esteem and most importantly her emotional balance which compels her to behave in a manner which is least expected from her.

GharSeNaukri.com is Inclined Towards Both Emotional Stability and Financial Stability of a Woman

It’s all about support and respect! Of course, it’s easy to be emotionally stable when there is a supportive, caring, and nurturing atmosphere (family/friends). There is always the need for someone you can turn to.

Here is where GharSeNaukri.com can help you.

  • A plethora of work opportunities awaits you at GharSeNaukri.com
  • Work from home, freelancing, part time jobs for women to do conveniently from home
  • Full time job opportunities for returning women professionals
  • You work from home and you earn
  • You give time to your family and at the same time you work
  • You become confident, self-reliant and financially independent
  • You are a professional woman who can very confidently handle your personal commitments too
  • No regrets, no stress

The concept of gig economy is increasingly becoming popular and GharSeNaukri.com takes the lead in it. You are a working woman at the comforts of your home which gives you the perfect balance of life and work. Not only that, there are other programs as well like as online training programs, workshops, mentoring, which can help you in your plunge to be a working woman. Along with financially stability comes your emotional stability too which is very important in your life.

GharSeNaukri is clearly not just another job portal. It is a mission with the objective of women empowerment at its core. Let’s face the fact, no matter how much you are an expert in your household chores, it doesn’t empower you financially. With a work from home job under your belt, you will see the difference in how you feel and how others treat you. Attend to your daily family responsibilities but also take up “GharSeNaukri” and be truly independent and emotionally stable.



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