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HRs Should Become Innovative Leaders: It’s time to Redefine HR with the Help of GharSeNaukri.com

hr redefine process from gharsenaukri

There are many organisations in the global world which feel that their HR department is too expensive and it isn’t delivering enough business value. Plus, many feel that many HR employees do not have enough skills in consulting, analytics, business, technology, change management, or in other technical and management areas. But, we cannot deny the fact that there is a huge chunk of HR professionals and leaders who are amazing craftsmen and are quite expansive in their thinking. It is for this group of professionals, who can be excellent innovative leaders, it is time to redefine HR.

What comes under the role of HR as an Innovative Leader?

A human resource professional has to be concerned about some basic factors for his organisation which comes under any HR department roles like as labour relations, regulations, global payroll, and many other administrative areas. But, when we consider the actual business scenario, the real concern lies in HR’s talent management role. In other words, research findings have shown that while 7% of HR’s real value comes from normal department roles, more than 35% of its value comes from the role of HRs in supporting, developing, and identifying leaders.

  • HR Specialist: So, an HR Professional should be more like an “HR Specialist”, who is a specialist in various fields as in coaching, recruiting, assessment, I/O psychology, data analysis, training, and technology.
  • HR Consultant: HR professionals today should be more of consultants, with deep knowledge about HR practices and disciplines, so that they can come up with innovative solutions for any problems pertaining to the organisation and the people.
  • Constantly informed, up-to-date and technology savvy: Being the policy and program makers of the organisation, the HR professionals should have the top skills and knowledge in their field, including upgrading their technology skills time-to-time.
  • Business savvy: HR professionals for any organisation should not only be business partners but also business savvy, which means that HR is more of intersection of people with business, technology, and organizational strategy rather than being experts only on the traditional HR tasks. They should be innovative and creative and bold enough to try and implement new things for better end results.

GharSeNaukri.com is here to redefine HR

Known as the largest job portal for women, largest career and community platform for women, GharSeNaukri.com is also paving the way to be one of the best HR service companies of the country. Right from sourcing talent to recruiting to  training, the company is involved in every aspect of HR needs that any company requires.  It is here to redefine HR by being the Business Savvy, Technologically sound HR consultant and HR specialist and Innovative Leaders for your organization’s HR requirements. Check out how we can help you here.

Benefits as Innovation Leaders

  • We assure you that the employees that we source and recruit for you will feel more engaged, more inclined with your company and brand, more loyal to the business, will work harder and stay longer in their role.
  • We help in building a proper connection between different teams and departments of your company.
  • This helps in imparting their knowledge to drive innovation in the company in which they are working.
  • This will lead to improved employee retention rates.
  • We help in creating a distinct brand identity which helps in recruiting and attracting more talent to the organisation.

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