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So, you want to start your second career? It’s a very common scenario in most Indian families when the girl has to take a break from her career, the most common reason for this is to look after the new-born baby.  Ofcourse, with marriage comes many responsibilities and societal obligations for which many women give up their jobs and career. And there are few who leave their job for their own personal interests. Top 5 Reasons for Professional Women Taking a Mid-Career Break . However, whatever be the cause, at one point of time, there are every chances for a woman to get frustrated for sitting at home and not earning. They want to rejoin but for various reasons they cannot do so. What to do when you decide to rejoin? Getting a job after a break is not always so easy. Let us help you to restart your career after a career break.

restart career from gharsenaukir

Here is How can GharSeNaukri.com help you to restart your career?

India’s largest career and community platform for women, GharSeNaukri.com has made it easier for women to start their second career with confidence, zeal and enthusiasm. All under a single platform, you will get every help to start your career after a break:


Browse through our listings of India’s best job opportunities for women on a professional break. We have jobs available for you in every sector and industry. Choose your functional area, search by location or job type or skill and apply.

Work-from-home jobs

For those women who are still in doubt to take up a full-time professional career after a break but want to work, we have a multiple listings of different part-time, remote, flexible, work-from-home jobs available for you.  You can still have a career without moving out of your home.

Best companies to work with

We feel proud to associate ourselves with companies and employers, big and small, who strongly believe in removing gender disparity at work, who believe in the concept of work-from-home and offers flexible job opportunities for women. We are supported by like-minded people who work towards women empowerment and give full support to women returning professionals.

Online Training Programs

We are backed by a team of expert professionals who will train you online and you learn in the convenience of your home. Get to learn new skills or upgrade your skills through our training programs, right from freelance writing to digital marketing to entrepreneurship and other programs. These are just perfect for you all if you feel that you need to brush up your skill to restart. Such trainings give you back your lost self-confidence and allow you to apply for new jobs in new domains.


Not to forget, we are the largest women community platform. Get in touch with like-minded women professionals here. We have mentors and advisors here to give you the right career advice.


There may be many of you who want to start something of your own as your second career, instead of opting for a full-time job. Not to worry!!! We can help on this too to set up your own business. We organize workshops time-to-time for our members to learn a new craft or hobby. You never know when this new hobby can be transformed into a serious business, if you really want to. Also, we offer entrepreneurship training program.

Get in touch with GharSeNaukri.com right now!!!

Are you looking to return from a career break? Are you feeling apprehensive about getting back into workforce after a break? Then join us and let us help you to put you on the right path with renewed zeal and confidence.

Call us at 9266660121 or send your resume at hr@gharsenaukri.com

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