Ghar se naukri and Make in India: A joint endeavor


They all loved her creativity but when it came to selling it in the market, they all had problems that originated from the fact that she was a woman. Even in recent times, not much has changed in terms of involvement of women in the public sector. Creativity of a woman is always met with scepticism when presented in a community. The general notion of people is that a woman and her creativity belong within the domestic margins of her households. Making it difficult nigh impossible for a woman to find success in her field of expertise. Gharsenaukri provides a platform to such women who have a talent that goes unrecognized due to the lack of opportunity. Now women can participate in the corporate world and unleash their talent by starting their own small businesses.

Gharsenaukri adds onto Modi’s vision

By providing a platform to women, Gharsenaukri allows them to actively participate in the Prime Minister’s campaign, Make in India. Now SMEs run by women will have the opportunity to sell their products in the International market. Gharsenaukri incentivizes the women participants of a business and provides them with myriads of prospects to validate their business. Now they won’t just be selling to the International Market, they would also be contributing to India’s campaign and economy majorly. This is more than a job opportunity for women who want to make a difference in the world. This is a chance at living an independent life with dignity and be equally recognized in the corporate world as her male counterpart.

Confident endeavours while staying at home

Now most people in the corporate world have to hold an office and sometimes spend longer hours than they are required to in the office. In case of a woman participating in this world, some carry out all the functions with perfection and are willing to work toe to toe against a man. Yet there are some who have to take a step back because in our society, there are demons that hide in sevenfold intricate strata of our community living. A woman who leaves her child with her in-laws would be called irresponsible even though she might be a bread winner of the family. In-laws never miss a chance to compare the ideal ‘bahu’. While all these things can be brushed aside, yet it marks a deep imprint on a woman’s conscience and a lot of women don’t have the strength o hurt the people they love. Hence women who can’t hold an office have to compromise by giving in to the society’s whim. Gharsenaukri promises a solution to all the women who gave up what they love for someone they love. This is your chance to start a business while sitting at home. This is an opportunity where you can spend extensive time with your family while sufficiently participating in India’s growing economy. Gharsenaukri is a job portal specifically designed, keeping in mind the development of women. The best part is the timing as now, your participation in the domestic and International market is also a major concern of the government. You can now confidently invest your time and money in something you believe in because MakeinIndia campaign, introduced by the Prime Minister, revolves around selling your hand made goods globally.

No rocket science, an opportunity for all women

The best part about this initiative is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get a job. Women of all kinds of skills have jobs available on the website. You can register and promote your own business and sell your products alike on Gharsenaukri. The idea is empower women by giving them a choice in exacting the course of action. From embroidery to tutoring, all skills are recognized on the site, providing a rainbow of opportunities for women from all stratums of society.

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  1. I have lived all my life of 50 yrs in my independent country like a house wife who is the most important pillar of the family as from elderly to new born in the family are dependent on her yet she is regarded as dependent on male members. This is only because that most of the women in our society are not financially independent despite being hardworking , skilled and talented. GHAR SE NAUKRI AND MAKE IN INDIA joint initiative will not only provide opportunities to women to overcome social stigma of being weaker but also inhance​ familial, social productivity and thus contribute in national growth and development. This will be really SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKASH. I am only 8 th passed but hard working have interest in growing vegetables, plants food grains that too organically. These produces will be in great demand in coming years for simple reasons that population is growing rapidly , agricultural practices are declining , people are more health conscious etc . please advise me how can start I can invest Upton 3 lakhs . I don’t have land in Delhi but own land in Dehradun and in a remote village in Rudraprayag distt of Uttarakhand .

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