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Welcome to the world of ‘Blogosphere’ if you are passionate about writing! Anyone who has the niche to write informative, entertaining content with a unique idea, Blogging shall prove to be a great career option.  And this is wonderful career to work from home if you have a passion for writing, combined with a wee bit of expertise and an authoritative confidence on a subject shall make your content engaging.

Blogging as a Profession

Blogging encompasses a range of topics – From travel or fashion to health and wellness or good housekeeping to socially relevant issues, Investment, banking, industry trends, environment, livelihoods, education, book and cinema reviews …..The list is endless to show your skills.

Blogging should be treated like a business. It is one amazing profession which shall yield financial results yet the approach can be like a hobby. To achieve a pro- blogger status consistency and long term focus is the key. Blogging is a wonderful option for part time workers who have the skills to play with words.   As a full time worker (blogger) with an established company, one can earn a good living right off the bat. And as a freelancer, a blogger can define her areas of interest and write for her own blog or for companies and corporate or organizations.  Blogging as an entrepreneurial venture can be an exciting career path for women professionals when one’s passion shapes up to be her profession.

Elements to Write a Blog

Homemakers, wives, grannies, daughters, sisters……can all write and make it a career by working from home. You are a woman and have a flurry of ideas, expressions to be voiced…..do take up blogging. Eleanor Roosevelt had opined that “A woman is like a tea bag, you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”  A few elements of an  engaging content are:

  • Write an appealing title and interesting subheadings or catchy captions
  • Know your subject thoroughly which shall enhance your writing skills
  • Have an attractive lay out with eye-catching pictures
  • Include quotations, data and research findings to authenticate your views
  • Case studies, success stories have a human touch…..use it!
  • Never violate copyrights and do plagiarism. Provide links and resources
  • Write honestly from your heart in short paragraph

Blogging Career With GharSeNaukri(GSN)

An aspiring blogger can register with us as a Jobseeker, showcase her profile and GSN shall provide her with listed opportunities, promote her as a blogger in the field of her expertise and put her across with the company.  An entrepreneur can register as a business woman and display her services that she offers as a blogger at the community platform. GSN shall showcase her services to registered employers and companies or organizations requiring bloggers.

Come…..Explore more…..Give wings to your ability and dreams……Connect with GSN.

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