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An opportunity to all aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion in teaching and child development to start a play centre right from their homes with GharSeNaukri

blogger-gharsenaukriChildhood is beautiful! This stage of life when one is carefree yet inquisitive, innocent yet curious, loving and giving…. Thus it is our collective responsibility to help evolve our children in a safe, secured beautiful environment. An important stage of childhood development is pre-schooling. This is a stage in which social, psychological and communication skills develop. And the reason to enhance is primarily because it improves confidence, self-esteem and concentration, facilitates a strong educational foundation and develops cognitive skills.

Teaching shall be a wrong usage…. For we at GharSeNaukri want passionate and committed entrepreneurs in whose hands we shall place the responsibility of molding the future of the nation. GharSeNaukri is offering a unique opportunity for women entrepreneurs to do business from home with a social cause. In association with Flintbox we are providing an opportunity to start a play centre or preschool as in this crucial carefree stage of life, we need to promote social and emotional development, help children learn to take care of themselves, promote language and cognitive skills, nurture a child’s curiosity and prepare for the next stage in academics. It is rightly state “The greatest legacy we can leave our children is enough happiness to fill their hearts and more love than they can spend in a lifetime.”

With all these objectives in mind, Flintbox offers an inclusive solution for a complete Preschool system. No hidden costs and zero investment. Training to entrepreneurs shall be given on monthly basis through resource kits. Flintbox shall guide you with extensive instruction content for operations/setting up preschool and teaching kit along with other essential materials will be provided.

GharSeNaukri realizes that little desire in every woman to do something worthwhile. GSN is offering you an excellent opportunity to become a business woman. Team GSN and Flintbox together shall guide and be a co-traveller on your entrepreneurial journey.

Come….. Explore more….. Give wings to your ability and dreams……Connect

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