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Why Flexible Working is Good for Employers? Benefits of Flexible Working for Businesses

With more and more candidates preferring a perfect work-life balance, flexible working is entering the job market in India and is here to stay. But, do you think remote or part-time or flexible or work-from-home jobs are good only for employees? No, these jobs have also proved to be beneficial for employers. Businesses also gain a lot if they offer flexibility in jobs. Let us see how?


First of all, let us know What is Flexible Working? Different Types of Flexible Working Arrangements

Do you think, flexible working is here to stay? Yes, of course, data, research reports and recent trends in the job market are pointing towards a growing gig economy in the country

Now, let us find out how and why flexibility in working is good for employers, businesses and organizations. It has been reported that flexibility is the new trend of retaining employees and attracting people back into the workplace. Check the trend here Flexible Employment in India: A Rising Trend  It makes sense when you employ people with part-time or flexible work hours.

Benefits of Flexible Working for Businesses

A wider pool of talented candidates to recruit from

While there is no denying the fact that women prefer more flexibility in their work, nowadays, flexibility has become important for men also. A research report has indicated that 72% married couples, 88% the young generation professionals, and 92% millennials are preferring work-from-home jobs. Since, more and more people are giving importance on flexibility in their jobs, it has become all the more necessary for employers to offer it at the time of employment. This gives an opportunity for employers to choose from a diverse pool of talent and develop a more inclusive workforce.

You build a more efficient and productive company

Who does not want a motivated and productive workforce? Studies have shown that when employers follow a flexible work arrangement, the employees work under less stress and tension, they can follow effectively a perfect work-life balance, have time for themselves, their families, and make more use of their free time. Plus, the time for commuting to and fro from office also reduces. This way, they have more time for their work too and are motivated to work efficiently and faster. The end result is that as an employer, you build up a more efficient and productive company.

Improved retention

Not only does part-time working help a business/organization attract great talent, it also helps in retaining them. Employers have found that flexible working has a positive effect on retention. Recruitment is a time-consuming process and at the same time expensive, especially for start-ups and SMEs. Job satisfaction is something which every professional look for and flexible working can be one of the factors contributing to that job satisfaction. So, if your employees are happy working in your organization for the flexibility offered to them, then this can boost your staff retention.

Reducing the gender gap

With flexible working, more and more women can join the workforce. Many professional women have to give up their jobs or career for family obligations and motherhood. But, with work-from-home option or part-time working hours, pregnant women, new moms can continue their work. Infact more and more women will continue to work, there will be an increase in the number of women within the organization, which will improve the diversity of its workforce. At the same time, this will help reduce the gender gap in offices.

Reducing overheads

Last but not the least by offering flexible jobs, employers can reduce the overall cost of business overheads. A lot of money is required to run an office, from space and equipment to infrastructure. This incurs additional costs and can increase your rents. Start-ups and SMEs can actually do without these extra overheads by offering part-time or work-from-home jobs. The money saved can thus be used for your other business needs.

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Thus, it is clear, that businesses and employers stand to benefit just as much as their employees from embracing flexible working.
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