This is what Females should say about ‘Returning Professional jobs’


The Labour Force in India has been declining drastically. According to a recent report by ‘’, women’s participation rate fell from 34.1 to 27.2% in the year 2012. And from these, almost 36% women discontinued their jobs due to one or the other social responsibility like raising children, marriage, elderly parents, etc.

This is not the scenario only in India! Another study as per ‘The Guardian’, shows that the managers generally hires a less qualified candidate rather than the one who’s out of work for more than six months. Does this mean that highly qualified moms, housewives or females who were on a ‘break’, can’t work anymore?

But the present scenario is changing, and thanks to companies like Intel, GharSeNaukri, Hindustan Liver Limited, GE, Axis Bank and more, through which females are getting career opportunities through their initiatives and programs.

But what if somebody does reject your CV with a cursory line “We’re looking for well-qualified candidates with more recent experience”? Don’t worry, if you’re that mom, housewife or woman who was once at the peak of the career, then you’re not late for the corporate train.

So, get up girl and tell recruiters this about the returning professional women:

  1. It’s all about motivation – These women who were once at the peak of their careers, are equally talented, experienced and professional. A career gap of 6 months (or even 10 years) does not mean they’re less potential Check out GharSeNaukri’s special programs designed for returning professional females

Even they can handle pressure – Though these returning professional women may work part-time, still she needs interesting and challenging work as a career fulfillment.

  1. We aren’t technology dinosaurs – Even though they have been on a long break; still, these highly qualified females can regain professional confidence and skills within 3 to 4 weeks.
  2. We can put our shoes into senior roles – They can step up to the senior roles even after many years of break. Numerous returning professional housewives have reintegrated into mid and senior level jobs even after career breaks of 10-20 years.

So, next time if any recruiter doubts your professionalism due to a long gap in your CV, you know what to say!

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