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Experience the Magic of Yoga Tours: Connect with Karmic Routes and GharSeNaukri.com

Yoga, an ancient practice rooted in over 5000 years ago in ancient Indian texts and traditions and lifestyle, continues to gain popularity in India as well countries abroad. This ancient form of meditation and exercise has taken the world in its stride, both for the young and old generations. Yoga is good for everyone. Studies have shown how yoga has can help improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, and overall quality of health and life. It can also reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.

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How about being part of exciting yoga tours? Connect with Karmic Routes

Do you love travelling? Why do you travel: for sightseeing, for exploring new places, for adventure, for religion or just for relaxation? Whatever the reasons, why not club travel and yoga together this time?

Yes, we are taking about yoga tours, the latest trend in the travel and tourism industry, where people travel for both fun and a healthy lifestyle. With the popularity and growth of various wellness, spiritual, rejuvenation and yoga centers, India has become the hub for the tourists, both local and international.

Karmic Routes, a part of GI Hospitalities Pvt Ltd, a leading travel and tourism company of the country, aims at providing the best experience for its clients who seek spirituality, peace and inner satisfaction in life. Be a part of the Yoga Tour packages to get connected with a ‘healthier and spiritual’ side over an indulgent vacation. Club yoga along with cultural experiences and tourist activities in various spiritual destinations of the country, like as Rishikesh, Uttarkashi etc.

Get liberated from hectic day-to-day activities of life and enjoy peace and serenity. Learn the power of Yoga with the help of yoga experts and get set for a life changing experience. Join in Karmic Routes Yoga Tour Packages, get connected to prominent centers for yoga and meditation, learn yoga, enjoy a stressful life and return home with fresh and relaxed mind and body with doses of energy and rejuvenation. Karmic Route’s Yoga Tour offers you a perfect chance to experience the magic of yoga, reducing stress for a healthier and fulfilling life.

Connect with GharSeNaukri.com

While we lay emphasis on the importance of yoga and encourage more and more people to learn this ancient form of meditation and exercise, we also feel pleased to announce that we have job opportunities for yoga experts and holiday consultants.

Yes, Karmic Routes is looking for yoga experts who can travel with the tourists and give them proper yoga training in the places where they visit. Karmic Routes also has job vacancies for the position of Holiday Consultants. Connect with GharSeNaukri.com to know more…

For more details, Interesting Part Time Opportunity For Yoga Experts & Travel Consultant Work From Home

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