What Exactly is the Role of a Holiday Consultant?



karmic bannerA holiday consultant is one who coordinates and books travel arrangements for individuals, groups and businesses. While there are many who use the Internet to make their own travel arrangements, there are still many people who take the help of holiday consultants to advise them on their trips and book their trips. The role of a holiday consultant is as follows:

  • Research: You diligently research travel options for your clients, which include not only the selection of destination but also researching on airfare and hotel rates and important tourist spots of that location and nearby.
  • Advice: The information gathered by holiday consultants helps them to offer professional travel advice to their clients. You also offer advice on the appropriate dates as per any special promotions or discounts offered by the travel company. Advice is also given on popular activities and events to participate in during your stay.
  • Make travel itinerary: Once you have the detailed information on a particular location and advise the same to your client and if your client agrees to that location, your next duty is to make a proper travel itinerary for your client. You itinerary includes detailed information on dates of leaving and arriving, hotel accommodation, hotel rates, sight-seeing schedules, pick up and drop from the airport and so on.
  • Book Trips: When your client gives the green nod of your travel itinerary, you as a holiday consultant should make the necessary arrangements to book the trip as per the scheduled dates.
  • Constant support: Your role also entitles you to handle customer queries through phone and email.

In short, to be a holiday consultant,

  • You should understand the client’s requirement and suggest the appropriate holiday itineraries.
  • You sale holiday packages to clients
  • You design holiday packages
  • You develop new clients
  • Attend to customer queries

Other requirements

  • Knowledge about World Geography and worldwide holidays
  • A graduate in any discipline
  • Good communicative skills

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