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Getting the right candidate in the organization is one of the most stressful jobs. It is not always easy to get the right talent. Moreover, recruiting is not only time-consuming but also an expensive process. If the candidate chosen turned out to be a misfit in the organization, then the whole process of recruitment starts again, and there is loss of time, money, and energy. Also, the best talent gives a company a competitive advantage. Hence, employers must be very careful in choosing the right candidates.

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What qualities should you look for in a candidate for recruiting?

Exceptional qualities

If the candidate is an experienced one, it becomes easy to find out whether he is exceptional or not on the basis of his past records and experiences and feedback from previous organizations, whether he had contributed much more to the company than the basic job responsibilities or not. If the candidate is a recent university graduate, the employer can ask for his achievements in school and college life like as whether he was a captain in any team, whether he participated and won in any contests like as debate, extempore, drama, music, sports or whether he was involved in any voluntary services or not etc. All these give an indication that the candidate has the desire and passion to achieve something great in life, at a young age, which in turn, works for your organization.


For any job, there are certain job specifications and qualities you look for in that particular job. Hence, as an employer you should be able to find out whether the aspiring candidate is actually excited and motivated to take up the job or not, whether the position fits into his career plan or not or whether he wants the job just to pay for his monthly expenses. The candidate should be excited by the opportunity you can provide and only then he can work for his own benefit as well as the benefit of the company.

Cultural fit and value

Not only the candidate should be exceptional and motivated to fit in with your company, he or she should also fit in your company’s culture. You need to choose a candidate who values creativity, openness, talent, teamwork, and has the ability to work with different types of people in a cordial manner. Candidate should emphasize more on performance rather than on office politics. Here, the employer can look into two issues: strength of the companies the candidate has worked for in the past and whether the candidate’s personal values align with the values of your organization or not. Also, you have to find out whether the candidate can produce more economic value for the company or not through his performances. Look for talent always. Also, it is very essential that your organization has a culture that encourages skills development, creativity, and job growth. Otherwise, you have the risk of losing the talent you worked so hard to recruit in the first place.

Creative and innovative

A right candidate is one who has the instinct and ability to consistently find out ways to do a job better or contribute to the organization’s success more and more. For instance, if a candidate says in his interview that he was bored of his last job, you have to think twice before hiring him. Also, during the interview process, you can give the candidate a situation and ask him to generate ideas on the same. This way, you can find out whether the candidate has some creative abilities or not.

Leadership qualities

It is always better to choose a candidate who has leadership qualities. You have to judge whether the candidate has the willingness and the desire to accept responsibility, to volunteer for assignments, the ability to take charge, to achieve results, and to accept accountability. All these qualities mark for a good leader in your organization, who takes charge of achieving the goals of the company along with his personal growth. The best leaders positively impact long-term organizational culture.

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