Employee Sabbaticals: A Must in Every Company’s HR strategy

While many companies have the option of sabbaticals in their HR policy, they find it difficult for to actually measure and quantify the benefits of sabbaticals. Is it a loss to the company? There is a constant tug of war between costs to the company and the perceived tangible and real value of sabbaticals. But experts suggest that employee sabbaticals should be a must in a company’s HR strategy.

Recruitment Sabbaticals

4 Essential Benefits of Employee Sabbaticals

  1. Rejuvenation: Burnout, stress, tiredness, boredom, lack of motivation and encouragement tend to be the major problems that crop up when employees stick to the same organisation for a long time, coupled with long hours of work and doing the monotonous works. Under such circumstances, at the end, the value or the output to the company by the employee becomes less or nil. So many a times, taking a sabbatical helps an employee to look at existing problems in a new and positive way. It can also help him to discover more about himself, help him to channelize his existing talent and take on new responsibilities after he joins back after a sabbatical.
  2. Satisfied personal goals: Sabbaticals help employees to take some time for themselves to achieve their long-planned personal goals and sometime to even discover or re-discover old hobbies, interests and friends. This in turn builds an emotional and mental connect between personal goals and the organisation.
  3. Upcoming talent and leaders: Sabbaticals by senior employees offer an opportunity for younger employees to learn new skills, preparing them for future roles. This in turn allows the HR department and the company to identify future leaders within the organisation. Sabbaticals bring with it strong leaders at various levels within the organisation.
  4. Loyalty: A sabbatical program in any organisation helps it to attain the trust and loyalty of its employees, which help in building a brand value of the organisation. It also prevents loss of valuable talent and substantially reduced turnover. Policies like sabbaticals are a great way to show that the organisation cares.

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