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Edumilestones.com Creating a Benchmark in Career Counselling

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It is seen very often young people at the age of 20-25 years getting confused on their career path or in a dilemma on what to choose as a career. For students in the age group of 15 to 18 years, there is this dilemma of choosing the apt course of study. Such a situation unnecessarily creates tension, stress and anxiousness among the young age group. But as a matter of fact, in today’s age of competition, facing such a crisis in life has become inevitable.

Engineering and medical still remain the most sought-after course of study or career for most teenagers. It’s not because these are the only two courses which give you lucrative jobs but because most students or parents do not have much idea on other courses and jobs. Parental pressure, family pressure, lack of knowledge and most importantly lack of career counselling are some of the main causes for young students getting confused on their careers.


It’s time to connect with Career Psychologists

There are two major causes that require a student to be connected with a career psychologist:

  • To study the psychology of the students because they are still at a young age which limits their scope of thinking
  • Lack of awareness

Career counsellors help students know their field of interest. At the same time, they help students understand or know their potential, their strengths and weaknesses. Right knowledge is provided to them to choose their field in which they will enjoy and will do well. This is done by proper analysing and comparing their likes, dislikes, interests and strengths with the courses and career options available, along with the growth prospects they can expect.

EduMilestones for your ward’s career counselling needs

It is perfectly normal for students getting confused and bewildered at their age, and there are many reasons for which parents may not be their right support. Most parents feel that they know the best for their children and end up choosing something which is as per their liking and not as per the capability or the liking of their children. The end result is that the parents make the wrong decision and these students give up their studies midway or give up their career because they are dis-satisfied with their jobs.

Edumilestomes is a leading career counselling platform for young students all across the country. To study the delicate and erratic psychology of young students is not an easy job. You require professional support for this. Established way back in 2008 and a product of Auctus Infometrics Pvt. Ltd., Edumilestones.com is a pioneering career assessment solutions and online platform. With a team of experienced and expert career psychologists and counsellors, more than 50 thousand students all across the country have been counselled over these years with more than 90% success rate of career counselling for these students.

Not only that, Edumilestones.com also is one of the leading companies in India providing career counselling training to professionals, educators, moms and housewives, who on completion have become successful certified career analysts (CCA) and are running their own career counselling centres as entrepreneurs. There are many, who are also part of the team of Edumilestones.com as Career Psychologists and Researchers.

For more information, check out the official website Edumilestone

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