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A Day in the Life of a Working Mom: Challenges Faced By Working Moms at Home and Office


There is no denying the fact Indian mothers have to fight challenges every day and when you are a working mom, your challenges are doubled, be it at home or at workplace. You might be in a high-profile position in a corporate firm but once you reach home, you are a mother and a wife and you are the person who is responsible for everything in the house. And how can you forget the expectations from you from your in-laws, your parents and extended family?

Cut to the past

Let’s first remember those days when you are not a mother but married and enjoying your work-life with dreams to rise up the corporate ladder. You have time for yourself …getting up in morning, enjoying your cup of tea, reading the morning news paper and then getting ready for going to work. You have time to reach office on time or maybe early. You have time to stay back at office for extra work. You have time to go for office tours. You have time to go for office parties. Once you are back home, if you do not feel like cooking, you order immediately from outside or both of you go out for dinner. In short, you are a working woman, with not much of obligations right now and enjoying your professional life.

Cut to the present

Now, let’s visualise your present situation. You are now a working mom. You have now your office and your baby/kid/young children to manage. Many of us face some frustrating situations as working moms at home and work.

A day in the life of a working mom: The hurdles…

Your morning haphazard schedule

You have to get up early now. You have to keep everything ready for your baby, right from clothes, milk to food and diapers. You do not get up fresh and energetic as your baby did not allow you to have a proper sleep. If you have small kids, you have to pack their tiffin, get them ready and see them off at the school bus top. In today’s modern day, most women are lucky to get husbands who help them in their work. If your husband is cooperative, you are lucky. If not, you have to think about his lunch too. And now it’s your time for you to get ready…and you are running few minutes late. You just manage to get yourself ready and reach office dot on time or slightly late.

Your time in office

You get yourself a coffee, open your laptop and check your mails. But your mind is already hovering with lots of thoughts and tasks. “Has the maid arrived? How is the baby? Has he taken his milk? What is the nanny doing? Is the baby crying?” When you have a grown up kid, you have other worries. “Oh, today he has his Maths paper. Hope he is being able to do it. Oh, I have his history project to complete. Let me Google search here. I forgot to remind his science teacher about the assignment”. Plus, you have to think about your kitchen front too. “I hope my hubby dear do not forget to bring the grocery. Otherwise, I have to go to the superstore today. Let me call him and remind him”.

Mind it, you are not in your home, you are in your office. And just then, your boss calls you. “Oh Shit! I forgot to make the project report. Sir, please give me 30 minutes, I will just be there in your cabin”. You prepare a fresh project and hurriedly rush to your boss cabin.

Don’t you all face such situations when you are a working mom? Your priorities change and you are now more concerned about your baby and home…

Time to leave your office

It will be 5.30 pm very soon. You are looking at your watch…the moment it strikes 5.30 pm, you just need to sign off. Forget bonus, extra hours or giving an impression to your boss by working back late. Your nanny leaves at 6.30 pm and you have to reach home before she leaves. And then if you have a grown up kid, you have to take him for his tuitions or for his sports coaching, you have to take your daughter to her dance class. What about the home-works, tests, presentations, projects? And in between, there are the PTMs and birthday parties. You cannot ignore them too. You head back home for your extra duties now. Your career gets a backseat now.

Reach home as soon as possible

You reach home, you keep your office bag, wash your hands and face and cuddle your baby. The moment you arrive, the baby will be with you all the time. Your kid will just be beside you now, following you everywhere. Your grown-up kid will discuss about his school’s work, you check his diary and prepare him for his test or homework. At the same time, you have to prepare the dinner. To make your work easier, you also try to keep everything ready for the next morning. And in between, if you have time, you will try to complete few of your office tasks…but this is under very rare cases that you actually get some time for yourself.

Again the next morning the same routine starts…

For working moms, with so many challenges in office, managing home and working front is not too easy but still they are doing it. Needless to say, a time comes, when Indian moms choose the welfare of their kids more and leave their jobs, no matter how lucrative they are. But, leaving job is not the solution.

If you are keen to give time to your family and kids, opt for exciting work-from-home options. Work and earn at the comforts of your home. No matter, how much you work for your kids, a time will come when your kids will leave your nest and build their own. So, it’s better to keep yourself connected to work. Enjoy both your work and home…

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