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4 Customer Service Jobs That You Can Do From Home: Apply for Customer Service Jobs at GharSeNaukri.com

As the service sector in the economy grows, so too does the requirement for work force with customer service skills. The rapid growth of the Internet and technologies in the last 2 decades has made part-time, remote, flexible or work-from-home-based jobs a great possibility that no one can ignore. This has led to an explosive growth of customer service jobs from home and has paved the way for employment opportunities for women. But not all customer-service positions are suitable for home-based positions.

There are few customer service jobs that you can do from home…

Holiday Consultant

A customer service professional can join as a holiday consultant and provide assistance to clients in planning and booking vacations, booking air/train tickets, hotel bookings, scheduling sight-seeing, recreational and other activities. This is one job which can be done from home. You get hands-on training for this job and payment is usually commission based. Karmic Routes, one of the country’s pioneer companies for Travel, Tourism and Wellness is looking for work-at-home holiday consultants. Check the job details here Travel Consultant Work from Home.

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Online Chat Agent

Chat agent jobs are another option as a customer service job. These are good for those that want to work at home without the use of the phone. Your job entails you to provide support to clients, answer billing questions, sell products via email, text or chat. The company that hires you will provide all the necessary training for the job and usually the work hours will be dependent on the timing of other countries. This is more or less a call-center job which you can do from home.

Virtual Assistant as a Customer Service Job

A virtual assistant job is a very specialized type of customer service. A virtual assistant works remotely to help clients in different tasks. You will do typical office duties like as Making phone calls, Data entry, Email correspondence, Scheduling appointments, Writing/Editing, Blog management, Social media management and many other such jobs but from home. Infact, the services as a virtual assistant are endless and all depend on your background training, experience, and skills.

Technical Support Jobs from Home as a Customer Service Job

You can also work from home as a customer service agent for technical support jobs. Here, you will need the skills of a call center agent like as good communication, clarity in voice, dealing with clients patiently and of course the knowledge of the technical skills to provide support. For this, you will be trained by the companies to provide support for its products, the specific technical knowledge that you require, including computer skills that are necessary to start with.

Apply for Customer Service Jobs at GharSeNaukri.com

Work from home customer service job

Customer Service Executive, Women Restart Job, Gurugram

GharSeNaukri.com is supporting women to restart careers at every stage of her life. Why not restart or start your career as a customer service executive? For more details, check out Skin Elements Hiring Customer Service Executive Gurgaon 

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