Credihealth collaborates with GharSeNaukri to benefit Stay-At-Home moms


A normal day in the life of a person living in a metropolitan city, usually involves consumption of junk food, a hectic work schedule, limited (or no) physical activity, stress and a constant struggle to make more time for other activities. With days like these, people today struggle to lead a healthy life and that is the reason why so many of us suffer from diseases like asthma, diabetes etc. Additionally, with the time constraints, comes the lack of knowledge about diseases and their proper treatment- this is where Credihealth steps in.

Less than two years old, Credihealth has already had over 2.5 million visitors and assisted over 60, 000 patients that required tertiary care. Number #1 in the hospitalization business in India, Credihealth aims to bring transparency to healthcare. With a strong social media presence and a huge network of followers in six different groups on Facebook, Credihealth has already proved its credibility to its consumers. Apart from this, a number of Youtube videos and blog posts also help patients understand common diseases and their correct treatment.

One of the most vivacious Facebook groups of Credihealth is the New Moms’ Club- home to almost 8800 new mothers who guide and advice each other on common issues faced by them. To further enhance the already strong relationship, the mothers have a monthly calendar full of activities and engaging interaction sessions with experts in various fields like Pediatrics and Life Coaching.

Recently, seeing the common cause of distress in many members; a struggle to manage both work and babies and the dilemma of leaving their little ones behind while they go to work, an Expert Interaction session was organized for them with a representative from ‘Ghar Se Naukri.’

Ghar Se Naukri is a brilliant platform that helps the modern woman have it all. Women who have to go on sabbaticals or those who need to stay home being the primary care-takers in most Indian households, have to often compromise on their careers, but with Ghar Se Naukri, in the picture, it is now possible for a woman to ace her personal-life obligations while meeting her professional potential.

Working professionally and helping bring food to the table is about more than just money. Most career women who have to quit work for health or personal reasons almost always see a major drop in their self-esteem but with a platform like Ghar Se Naukri, thousands of women have broken this cycle are currently leading fulfilling lives where work-life balance is no more a barrier in their way of happiness.

Realizing the potential and opportunities both the organizations presented for each other, an expert interaction was arranged for the mothers of the New Moms’ Club, where the members poured in questions and queries about their career options and were ecstatic at the possibilities suggested by Ghar se Naukri. The members are now looking forward for restarting their career wagon.

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