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New Year Resolutions 2020

10 New Year 2020 Resolutions to Make you a Better and Stronger Woman

With  New year, comes new year resolutions, which is followed by breaking of resolutions… You start with some age-old clichéd resolutions “I will lose weight” “I will get in shape” “I will stop unnecessary spending” “I will travel” “I will quit smoking” “I will stop drinking” (considering the fact that modern …

I was cheated by my husband

A True Story of a Housewife Cheated by Her Husband

Presenting another guest post by a housewife who did not want to disclose her name and we want to respect her privacy…It’s a true story, it’s her own story… In her own words… “I am a housewife with two beautiful kids. I have been married for 10 beautiful years. We …



Presenting our first guest post….A beautiful poem titled “भावनाएं” by  Ruchi Saurabh   भावनाएं  हटा  दी  जाएँ  ……..   तो  हम  में  कुछ  नहीं  रह  जायेगा ..   मानव  बस  माटी  का  एक  “पुतला ”   कहलायेगा ………   तरह  तरह  के  फूल  जब ……   बागों  को  मह्कायेंगे ……   …

Love, Respect and Appreciate Her

An Open Letter to Menfolk: Love, Respect and Appreciate Her

Letter 1: Different Ways for Men to Communicate with Their Wives Hey Menfolk !!! This is no doubt a woman blog with tips and suggestions for a woman, a wife, a mother to start or restart a career, to be financially independent, and be empowered. But, then, there is no …


A Day in the Life of a Working Mom: Challenges Faced By Working Moms at Home and Office

There is no denying the fact Indian mothers have to fight challenges every day and when you are a working mom, your challenges are doubled, be it at home or at workplace. You might be in a high-profile position in a corporate firm but once you reach home, you are …


Working Moms Try These 10 Simple Ways to Make Way for a Blissful Married Life

Marriage is full-time job for both men and women, where there is the need for patience, understanding, and compromises from both. But usually, it’s the women who have to bear the brunt of being a working woman. Not only she has the responsibility of looking after the family and the …