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cotton masks for all
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Cotton Masks for All – Know the Differences – Stop the Spread

Wearing cotton masks is the new normal… It has become mandatory for all to wear a mask while stepping out of your home amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Not only for patients and COVID warriors, it is necessary that the general public should also wear masks, not necessarily the medical ones. …

WFH - A reality - My Experience
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From a Corporate professional to a Work from Home Professional – My Experience

Year 2014 A content management professional with a leading media company – Times Internet Ltd…brand, position, money, job satisfaction…what else you require? Then there was this buzz going on – the department in which I was working was not performing as per standards and any time it would shut –  …

How to overcome depression and anxiety
Family Relations

How to overcome depression and anxiety in difficult times of life?

Article submitted by Guest writer Deepa Roy Choudhury We have with us Guest writer Deepa Roy Choudhury giving you useful tips on how to tackle depression and anxiety during this time of covid19 crisis. Deepa Roy Chowdhury is a Certified NLP Practitioner and Mindset Coach. She helps people transform their lives by …

staying healthy while you work from home

Tips to Stay Healthy and Agile while you Work from Home During the Lockdown

With Covid crisis, when most of you are working from home, it is very essential that you take care of your health at home. Staying home is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe from the infection. But, then, while working continuously at home, sitting glued on your …

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What is Work-life Balance and Why is it Important for a Housewife too?

“Work-life balance” – A very common terminology that we get to hear a lot in today’s time, especially among working professionals. But, is this concept only applicable for working men and women? No, work-life balance is important for all, especially for women staying at home – moms, homemakers, housewives, work-from-home …

open letter to parents by Anita Karwal

An Open Letter to Parents by Chairperson CBSE, Anita Karwal

For all parents whose children are appearing for Boards, this is an open letter by Anita Karwal, Chairperson, CBSE. Something worth reading…please do give a read Dear Parents, I wonder if you have watched a very sensitively crafted TV commercial these days, where a father is driving his young school …

Career choices at 40

Top Jobs for Women Over 40 Looking for Career Change

The following article has been sent to us by Natasha Shetty. Natasha is our guest writer for our blog. We request our readers to send articles written by them on topics related to women, kids, and family. Or any short stories. Here is a chance to pen down your thoughts. …

New Year Resolutions 2020

10 New Year 2020 Resolutions to Make you a Better and Stronger Woman

With  New year, comes new year resolutions, which is followed by breaking of resolutions… You start with some age-old clichéd resolutions “I will lose weight” “I will get in shape” “I will stop unnecessary spending” “I will travel” “I will quit smoking” “I will stop drinking” (considering the fact that modern …

I was cheated by my husband

A True Story of a Housewife Cheated by Her Husband

Presenting another guest post by a housewife who did not want to disclose her name and we want to respect her privacy…It’s a true story, it’s her own story… In her own words… “I am a housewife with two beautiful kids. I have been married for 10 beautiful years. We …



Presenting our first guest post….A beautiful poem titled “भावनाएं” by  Ruchi Saurabh   भावनाएं  हटा  दी  जाएँ  ……..   तो  हम  में  कुछ  नहीं  रह  जायेगा ..   मानव  बस  माटी  का  एक  “पुतला ”   कहलायेगा ………   तरह  तरह  के  फूल  जब ……   बागों  को  मह्कायेंगे ……   …