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Jobs for Women

GharSeNaukri.com, She WorkZ, She Works…Making it a reality

She WorkZ….She Works!!! It’s a sad fact that even today when India is progressing as one the fastest growing economies of the world, we still have the female unemployment rate very low. In fact, the female employment rate in the country has gone down from an already-low 35% in 2005 …

Women Empowerment

10 Laws or Acts Indian Women Should Know To Protect Themselves

Crime against women has always been a curse on the way of India’s developmental efforts. Women of our country are not safe, whether at home or at workplace or at public places. Be it marital rape, dowry harassment at home, sexual harassment at work place, rape, eve teasing, groping at …

Women Empowerment

Online Mentoring: The Upcoming Work-from-home Job for Housewives

Mentoring is a structured and supportive method through which mentees get advices, tips, help and guidance to develop their skills and achieve their goals with the help of a mentor. What is Mentoring? Mentoring is a very popular concept nowadays. Right from education and career mentoring to relationships mentoring to …

Women Empowerment

Top 5 Flexible Jobs for Women over 50: GharSeNaukri.com Helps in Restarting Career

  For a woman at the age of 50, it is time to enter a new phase of life. You are now in a better living style with more free time. Yes, this is true. Now, your kids have grown up and can manage on their own and so you …

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4 Small Business Ideas for Women to Start their Own Ventures from Home

Even the most motivated or encouraged women entrepreneurs when they want to start something on their on can struggle a lot on deciding the right business idea. If as a woman you want to work from home and on your own terms, it is time for you to venture into …

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Five Women Entrepreneurs from Bihar with their Start-ups: Unique Business Concepts

Meet these 5 women entrepreneurs from the state of Bihar who have shown to the world that with personal grit and family support, they could fulfill their start-up dreams in Bihar, often considered as one of the country’s backward states.

Business Opportunity for Women

GharSeNaukri.com Entrepreneurial Jobs for Women: Be an Entrepreneur from Home

GharSeNaukri.com is India’s only platform designed for women from all walks of life which believes in the universal truth that women can ‘Have it all! Do it all! Regardless of what field they are in.’ Considering the fact that there is lower rate of women employment and lesser retention in …

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Interested in Counselling Parents? Join Grolier to Learn the Trade and Be an Entrepreneur

Interested in counseling interactive educational products in schools and nearby localities? Are you keen to be an educational entrepreneur, a mentor to counsel educational books, games and puzzles to your known circle? Let us help you to do so. For this you have to learn the trade first. Counselling parents is tough …

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Employee Sabbaticals: A Must in Every Company’s HR strategy

While many companies have the option of sabbaticals in their HR policy, they find it difficult for to actually measure and quantify the benefits of sabbaticals. Is it a loss to the company? There is a constant tug of war between costs to the company and the perceived tangible and …

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Tips to be an Expert in Sales and Marketing and Be an Entrepreneur in your Own Way: Join Grolier

Times are changing. Gone are those days, when sales and marketing jobs were solely for the men folk. Today, women have also trodden in this industry. LinkedIn statistics show that women represent 41% of the active sales workforce — and this number is growing. GharSeNaukri.com in association with Grolier India …