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10 Popular Recruiting Trends of Past Years to Define Employers’ Recruiting Strategies for 2018

According to two different survey reports undertaken by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Glassdoor recently, the following recruiting stats were revealed. These recruiting stats were compiled after taking a survey of employees of different organisations spread all across the globe over a period of the last few years. …

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How About Working from Home to Employ Someone to Work from Home? Wonderful Work from Home Job Opportunity as Home-Based Recruiter

How about working from home as a recruiter? A wonderful work opportunity awaits for you to work from home as a home-based recruiter. This is one of the most exciting and popular job opportunities for women to work from home. Who is a Home-Based Recruiter?

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Interested in Counselling Parents? Join Grolier to Learn the Trade and Be an Entrepreneur

Interested in counseling interactive educational products in schools and nearby localities? Are you keen to be an educational entrepreneur, a mentor to counsel educational books, games and puzzles to your known circle? Let us help you to do so. For this you have to learn the trade first. Counselling parents is tough …

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10 Important Tips to Build a High Performing Team

To build any type of business that can thrive and be successful in the long run, we need to rely on lot many people, which comprises the partners, vendors, employees, volunteers, and customers. In other words, it is a team which builds a company and it is a high-performing team …

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Employee Sabbaticals: A Must in Every Company’s HR strategy

While many companies have the option of sabbaticals in their HR policy, they find it difficult for to actually measure and quantify the benefits of sabbaticals. Is it a loss to the company? There is a constant tug of war between costs to the company and the perceived tangible and …

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Increase Imagination and Creativity in Hindi Language: Join Shabdnagari as a Hindi Content Writer

Imagination is an important part of the human mind that includes both the creative and learning spheres. When you increase your imagination, you can create endless possibilities for yourself. Are you a keen Hindu reader? Are you adept in Hindi language, in both reading and writing? Then it is time …

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Tips to be an Expert in Sales and Marketing and Be an Entrepreneur in your Own Way: Join Grolier

Times are changing. Gone are those days, when sales and marketing jobs were solely for the men folk. Today, women have also trodden in this industry. LinkedIn statistics show that women represent 41% of the active sales workforce — and this number is growing. GharSeNaukri.com in association with Grolier India …

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Indian Women Entrepreneurs and their Green Initiatives

Considering the fact that our country’s staggering wastes growing at an alarming rate, it’s heartening to find that we have few young Indian minds who are trying to bring about a change in the society with their environmental friendly initiatives and products. GharSeNaukri.com being a platform for women empowerment, we …

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Be a Part of Grolier, Become an Entrepreneur and Earn from Home: GharSeNaukri and Grolier encouraging women to participate

How does it feel to be a part of a team of an International company as an entrepreneur? This is a wonderful opportunity for all moms out there to start their entrepreneurial journey if they are really keen about it. Most moms do not work or leave their jobs to …

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It’s Time for You to Create your Identity in Hindi Writing on the Internet

Create your Identity in Hindi Writing Writing anything on any language is not something which is easy. It requires a person to be well-versed on the language, with a creative bent of mind. Are you fond of reading and writing anything in Hindi? You should consider yourself to be fortunate if …