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Women empowerment programs
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Prime Minister’s Women Empowerment Programs

This article provides the  various schemes, initiatives and programs implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under his regime to enable Women Empowerment in India. Mahila-E-Haat This was launched on 7th March 2016 by the Ministry of Women & Child Development. This is an online platform designed with the objective of …

unhappy work life
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Tips to Get Rid of an Unhappy Work Life

Unhappiness in work life  is  one of the most common problems that many working professionals face. Why? How? When? ….No body knows. There are no specific reasons as such but there can be many reasons building up  a situation where you start hating your job, your work life, your colleagues, …

mid career crisis
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Mid-career crisis: Use it to start your second innings of your career in a better way

Anyone can face a mid-career crisis. Even when you are at a successful position with a fulfilling job, there can be mid-career crisis. For a woman professional, this is very common. You know you are in a mid-career crisis when you face any of the following situations in your professional …

financial freedom
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How Indian Housewives Can Pursue Financial Freedom in 2019 and Years Ahead?

Financial independence is an objective that most people in present are actively pursuing and would definitely like to achieve their goal of financial independence in their lifetime. This does not happen overnight. It is a long process that requires proper planning, strategy and by adopting and developing good financial habits …

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Why a Periodic HR Audit is Necessary in Every Organisation?

Why a periodic HR audit is necessary in every organisation? The answer to this is that it can qualify its effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses in training, communications and other employment practice within an organization. The HR audit serves as a study of the HR department for identifying problems and thereby …

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Steps in Recruitment Process to Screen out the Best Talent

The recruitment process is a time-consuming process. For any professional recruitment agency to hire the best candidates, adequate time has to be invested into the recruitment drive, and this needs to be done in a planned strategic manner. There are many factors to take in to consideration for an effective …

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The Impact of Gig Economy or Flexible Work Models Cannot Be Ignored by Traditional Companies

When we talk about the Indian job market, there has been a gradual shift in the age group of professionals. Today, the average age of the workforce is 29 years, which means that the millennials are comprising the majority of the workforce. Very soon, India will have the largest, youngest …

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Types of Recruitment Agencies that Employers Should Be Aware of

The human resource department of any organization is involved with variety of tasks related to recruitment process of the organization. Each and every employee in the HR department is assigned with varied responsibilities to take care of. While most organizations have their internal HR team, there are many companies which …

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Women in 50s: 4 Reasons You Should Start Working Out Today

Every one of us likes to remain healthy, fit, and happy, isn’it? But, is this possible by doing nothing? Absolutely not! To maintain a healthy living, it is very essential to follow a regular fitness regime, along with a healthy and balanced diet. You always feel like starting an exercise …

Employee rights
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What are the Different Rights or Laws that Employees in India should be Aware of?

You have just got your dream job in your dream company. This is your first job and you are very excited about it. As a new employee, ofcourse, you will try all means to impress your seniors and the management and do your work sincerely. But before joining any organization, …