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Health is wealth
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If Money is a Problem, Talk to Us – We Offer you Solutions

In today’s difficult times of crisis, we all are suffering from different types of worries. Life is filled with anxieties and stress. In many homes, the basis worries are related to money. You need money for almost everything. You are stressed with various issues like as Your child’s education Your home …

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Career Gap? Here is what you have to do on your resume to explain your career gap

A gap in career is very common in many professionals’ lives. The career gap can be for many reasons –  health issues, sabbatical, pregnancy, childcare, higher studies, job stress, not happy with your job etc. for which you take a break on your own terms and on your own will. …

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6 Myths To Get Rid Off and Embrace Remote Working by Employers

When we talk about remote work or work from home job, it can no longer be considered just as a trend, rather it is here to stay. It is sooner the better that the employers adopt this culture of flexible work models. While in the West, the gig economy concept …

Employees-Relations Issues
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Types of Employee-Relations Problems at Workplaces and Ways to Tackle Them

For the success of any business, one of the most important requirements for the employers is to maintain a good employee relation. This is not so easy because at times a minor issue can be aggravated to a larger problem if neglected. Sometimes, the failure is on the part of …

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Steps in Recruitment Process to Screen out the Best Talent

The recruitment process is a time-consuming process. For any professional recruitment agency to hire the best candidates, adequate time has to be invested into the recruitment drive, and this needs to be done in a planned strategic manner. There are many factors to take in to consideration for an effective …

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The Impact of Gig Economy or Flexible Work Models Cannot Be Ignored by Traditional Companies

When we talk about the Indian job market, there has been a gradual shift in the age group of professionals. Today, the average age of the workforce is 29 years, which means that the millennials are comprising the majority of the workforce. Very soon, India will have the largest, youngest …

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Types of Recruitment Agencies that Employers Should Be Aware of

The human resource department of any organization is involved with variety of tasks related to recruitment process of the organization. Each and every employee in the HR department is assigned with varied responsibilities to take care of. While most organizations have their internal HR team, there are many companies which …

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Advantages of Employer Branding for Start-Ups: GharSeNaukri.com and Employer Branding

Have you ever wondered why some companies are always the most sought after companies for employees to work with, while some others are not? Do you think it’s only the pay package that counts? No, besides the salary there are many other aspects to consider like as good working environment, …

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Calling Recruitment Firms to Join GharSeNaukri.com

GharSeNaukri.com…. India’s only portal empowering women. GharSeNaukri.com, the country’s largest career portal for women, is not limited to providing work from home jobs only. It is much beyond that. The online platform is also a platform for connecting employers with diverse talents from our database of lakhs of registered women …

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How to Create Work-Life Integration for Returning Professionals?

Striking the perfect balance between career and family has always been a challenge for Indian working women. This is one main reason for which we see women professionals giving up their career midway. Becoming a mother becomes one of the major causes for women leaving their jobs as they don’t …