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How About Working from Home to Employ Someone to Work from Home? Wonderful Work from Home Job Opportunity as Home-Based Recruiter

How about working from home as a recruiter? A wonderful work opportunity awaits for you to work from home as a home-based recruiter. This is one of the most exciting and popular job opportunities for women to work from home. Who is a Home-Based Recruiter?

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Interested in Counselling Parents? Join Grolier to Learn the Trade and Be an Entrepreneur

Interested in counseling interactive educational products in schools and nearby localities? Are you keen to be an educational entrepreneur, a mentor to counsel educational books, games and puzzles to your known circle? Let us help you to do so. For this you have to learn the trade first. Counselling parents is tough …

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Tips for a Great Interview

      How you feel at the end of an interview is a good barometer for quality. Most likely, if you have been authentic and composed, you have done a good job at the meeting. If you have felt and acted as an equal participant then you have probably …

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Increase Imagination and Creativity in Hindi Language: Join Shabdnagari as a Hindi Content Writer

Imagination is an important part of the human mind that includes both the creative and learning spheres. When you increase your imagination, you can create endless possibilities for yourself. Are you a keen Hindu reader? Are you adept in Hindi language, in both reading and writing? Then it is time …

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It’s Time for You to Create your Identity in Hindi Writing on the Internet

Create your Identity in Hindi Writing Writing anything on any language is not something which is easy. It requires a person to be well-versed on the language, with a creative bent of mind. Are you fond of reading and writing anything in Hindi? You should consider yourself to be fortunate if …

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Have a Job Interview? Here Are the Most Common Questions

Every interview is different, but there are some questions that almost every interviewer likes to ask. They’re essential for employers to understand whether or not you will be a good fit in their organization. So, before you go for that interview, make sure you have prepared some talking points for …

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GharSeNaukri.com Helps You to Restart Your Career after a Break

So, you want to start your second career? It’s a very common scenario in most Indian families when the girl has to take a break from her career, the most common reason for this is to look after the new-born baby.  Ofcourse, with marriage comes many responsibilities and societal obligations …

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Experience the Magic of Yoga Tours: Connect with Karmic Routes and GharSeNaukri.com

Yoga, an ancient practice rooted in over 5000 years ago in ancient Indian texts and traditions and lifestyle, continues to gain popularity in India as well countries abroad. This ancient form of meditation and exercise has taken the world in its stride, both for the young and old generations. Yoga …

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Creating a Team That Grows Your Business: Join GharSeNaukri.com’s Entrepreneurial Training Program

A company is a cumulative effort of many factors, and the most important of all is the workforce or the team. For any business to be successful, it is the collective effort of the employer and the employees. Proper team work reduces risk and makes it simple to attain solutions. …

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4 Customer Service Jobs That You Can Do From Home: Apply for Customer Service Jobs at GharSeNaukri.com

As the service sector in the economy grows, so too does the requirement for work force with customer service skills. The rapid growth of the Internet and technologies in the last 2 decades has made part-time, remote, flexible or work-from-home-based jobs a great possibility that no one can ignore. This …