Experience the Magic of Yoga Tours: Connect with Karmic Routes and GharSeNaukri.com

Yoga, an ancient practice rooted in over 5000 years ago in ancient Indian texts and traditions and lifestyle, continues to gain popularity in India as well countries abroad. This ancient form of meditation and exercise has taken the world in its stride, both for the young and old generations. Yoga is good for everyone. Studies have shown how yoga has can help improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, and overall quality of health and life. It can also reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.

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How about being part of exciting yoga tours? Connect with Karmic Routes

Do you love travelling? Why do you travel: for sightseeing, for exploring new places, for adventure, for religion or just for relaxation? Whatever the reasons, why not club travel and yoga together this time?

Yes, we are taking about yoga tours, the latest trend in the travel and tourism industry, where people travel for both fun and a healthy lifestyle. With the popularity and growth of various wellness, spiritual, rejuvenation and yoga centers, India has become the hub for the tourists, both local and international.

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Creating a Team That Grows Your Business: Join GharSeNaukri.com’s Entrepreneurial Training Program

A company is a cumulative effort of many factors, and the most important of all is the workforce or the team. For any business to be successful, it is the collective effort of the employer and the employees. Proper team work reduces risk and makes it simple to attain solutions. Hence, the need of the hour is to focus on team efforts.

Entrepreneurship (2)

How do you create a team that works for your success?

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4 Customer Service Jobs That You Can Do From Home: Apply for Customer Service Jobs at GharSeNaukri.com

As the service sector in the economy grows, so too does the requirement for work force with customer service skills. The rapid growth of the Internet and technologies in the last 2 decades has made part-time, remote, flexible or work-from-home-based jobs a great possibility that no one can ignore. This has led to an explosive growth of customer service jobs from home and has paved the way for employment opportunities for women. But not all customer-service positions are suitable for home-based positions.

There are few customer service jobs that you can do from home…

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GharSeNaukri.com Partners with Leading Companies to Enable Women to Leverage the Growing Freelancing Market in India

Companies in India are slowly moving over to the flexible job option to accommodate market changes. The remote staffing market in India is growing and according to industry reports, India has one of the largest numbers of flexi staffing employees in the world, after China and the US. Nowadays, office ergonomics are no longer confined to the four walls of a room or a cubicle, rather these have shifted to the soft beanbag to the standing desk to a café to the comforts of a bed. Yes, we are talking about the freelancing job market of the country, where employees work at the comforts of their homes or anywhere but not at their “offices” as such.

In the last few years, there has been a growing trend of “startup culture”, which is aping the Western culture of work-from-home. And, the India workforce is slowly opting for flexible employment options, as freelancers, part-time working and remote working. And, thus we see the emergence of the “GIG economy”, which in turn comes under the wing of providing freelancing job opportunities. Not only the startups, but also the large conglomerates prefer to hire employees as freelancers to be part of their workforce network. Not only the Gen-Y, but also the women workforce, young and old, who for some reasons have to leave their career midway is continually moving towards a flexible work environment.

India is one of the largest freelancer markets with 10 million people freelancing. According to PayPal research and survey report, the Indian ‘freelancers’ market size is growing to be $20-30 billion by 2025.

GharSeNaukri.com Partners with Leading Organizations for Providing Freelancing Opportunities Freelancing-GSN

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Top 5 Reasons to be a Travel Consultant: Work, Earn and Have Fun at the Comforts of your Home

When we talk about a travel consultant, it means the job role of a person who provides information, advice and booking services for people who are planning a holiday for any purpose. Travel consultants or better known as Holiday Consultants, Holiday Experts or Advisers are responsible for helping people organize their ideal holiday for tourism, business, pilgrimage, medical or any other purposes on a limited budget.

KarmicRoutesHoliday Consultant

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Be a Certified Addup Maths Teacher and Run Your Own Learning Center

Are you looking for an opportunity to work and earn at the comforts of your home? Are you a housewife with Mathematics background? Do you have any inherent desire to teach young children?  Do you feel that your education has gone waste? If your answer is YES to the above questions, then here there is an wonderful work opportunity for you all.

Join Addup

Founded by a team of young professionals with diverse industry experience, Addup was set up to harness the potential of digital devices in the field of education in which tools were developed to create positive and active experiences while teaching. Continue reading “Be a Certified Addup Maths Teacher and Run Your Own Learning Center”

Learn to Speak English in Few Weeks: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Indian Housewives to be an English Speaking Expert

The English Language plays an important role in our life as it has become one of the most commonly spoken languages of the country, inspite of Hindi being the official language. One main reason is that this is a language understood globally by almost all people. Be it in interviews, offices, schools, colleges, businesses, or for any other purposes, the English Language helps us to communicate better. Be it reading English books, watching English movies, travelling around the world and interacting with people, this language has definitely broaden outlook, and has helped in many aspects from job opportunities to studying abroad to connecting people from every country and so on. Thus, in today’s age, to know to speak in English has actually become a necessity. Hence, it is necessary to learn to speak English.

Why English is important for an Indian woman?

Women, the most dormant segment of the country’s population, till a few years ago were only considered as an important constituent of the family. But things have changed over the years and Indian women of today have now become active participants in various walks of life and are a significant unit of the society, paving the way for social changes in the country. While women are breaking the traditional norms and moving out of their homes and empowering themselves, India still has a long way to go to make all women of our country completely empowered and independent.

What makes Indian women, especially in the remote or rural areas or small towns and cities lag behind the educated urban women? What makes Indian women hold back their dreams and passions in life? While there can be many reasons like as family obligations, societal norms, lack of education, lack of finances, it has been found that one prime reason is “NOT KNOWING TO SPEAK IN ENGLISH”. This, in turn, makes a woman lose her self-confidence and her willingness to work outside and be independent.

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How about learning English speaking in just few weeks?

According to a recent survey, women in small towns, remotes areas, tier 2 or tier 3 cities are mostly educated but remain as housewives or homemakers because of their incompetency in speaking English. There are many Indian women who have the desire to work or start something of their own but they do not have the courage to step out, only because of this language problem.

Considering this section of the society who is still lagging behind inspite of their passions and interests, GharSeNaukri.com, in association with Englishbolo.com have come up with this wonderful opportunity of providing training to speak English in just few weeks. Sounds too good to be true, isn’it ? But, actually you can do it. You can improve your speaking skills in English online anytime and anywhere, thanks to englishbolo.com (a joint initiative of – IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd and English Helper Education Technologies Pvt Ltd). All you need is a smart phone or a laptop or computer with good Internet connectivity.  You can learn on your own and then practice through live classes with the help of experts.

How to start?

  • Register your account at englishbolo.com
  • Answer few questions
  • You will get the English Speaking program that is best suited to you
  • Start learning to speak English
  • Practice on your own and with the help of experts

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Get Online Training from Home to be a Digital Mom from GharSeNaukri.com

Today is an age where technology has changed the way we work. Digital marketing, social media, online marketing have taken the front seats in businesses. Consumers are now more aware and research on products online before making the final purchase. Digitalization has helped consumers to self-educate themselves. A smart phone makes our life all the more easier as everything has become virtual today. Today, to be digitally advanced has become a necessity. Also, there are tremendous job opportunities in the digital world. Every business or an organization looks for a perfect digital marketing strategy that builds brand awareness, generates cost savings, and ultimately drives revenue. This is why skilled digital professionals are highly demanded.

Online Training from GharSeNaukri.com

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The Top 10 Popular Work-From Home Jobs in India

The Top 10 Popular Work-From Home Jobs in India

With the growing need for work-life balance in today’s age of stress and competitions, more and more professional women are opting for work-from-home options or flexible jobs. According to a research report, in India, a number of work-from-home options are coming up which are varied types of online jobs and people are earning anything from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh per month or above, depending on the time devoted to it. The advantages of a work-from-home job are that there is not much of an investment, you work without stepping out of your home and you can earn money. In our previous article, we had discussed about the Top Ten Upcoming Flexible Jobs in India. Let’s now take a look at the most popular work-from-home jobs in India. These are online jobs which have already made its mark in the market and are the most chosen part-time jobs in the country today.

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  1. Medical Transcriptionist:The role of a medical transcriptionist is to transcribe recorded medical instructions and messages made by doctors far away in any part of the globe. With a computer and a fast internet connection, along with a first-rate earpiece, a medical transcriptionist can work efficiently from home. There are many online websites where you can look for work as a medical transcriptionist and join as a freelancer medical transcriptionist or you can join a company that offers medical transcription jobs and allows you to work from home. A prior course or experience in medical transcription is an added advantage. Or, the company who hires you will provide the necessary training.
  2. Web Developer: This is one of the most common work-from-home jobs in India. Nowadays, all businesses require their official websites. Instead of hiring a professional web development company, many start-ups prefer to hire freelancers as web developers. So if you have the necessary skill of programming codes and designing, you can try for web developing work at your home only. A single web design can fetch you quite a good amount of money. With more projects in your portfolio, you can easily earn Rs. 150,000- 200,000 per month.
  3. Data Entry: For a woman with limited experience and qualification, data entry job is perfect. It is one of the simplest ways by which you make money online. All you need to have is a computer, fast internet, fast typing and copy-pasting skills. You can work at home according to any time that suits you.
  4. Translator: Besides English and Hindi, most people in India know other languages as well like as their mother tongue and some foreign languages like as French, German etc. The knowledge of more than one language opens up work opportunities as translators for many. There are needs of quality translation services from Indian and Western businesses or authors. You can join as a freelance translator and work in your convenient timing from the comforts of your home.
  5. Travel Agent:Nowadays, there are ample opportunities for women to work-from-home as travel agents and holiday consultants. They are given proper training on designing and selling holiday packages, booking flights, railway tickets, bus tickets, booking hotels and so on for their clients and they get a commission for themselves. The more they sell, the more they earn. Many reputed travel companies like as SOTC are offering wonderful earning opportunities for women to work as holiday experts.
  6. Freelance Writer: This is one job profile which is gaining more and more importance in recent years as content is the king for any websites. For popularity of your website, business, brand, product or service, the content is the window and hence all businesses look for a proficient web content writer. Talented freelance writers are always in demand. You can create a profile on various freelance websites and apply for freelance content writing jobs. While initially these freelance sites may not offer you the best price, but once you have a number of projects to display, you can quote your price as per word count or in lump-sum. This is one of the most popular work-from-home jobs in India.
  7. Call-Center Representative: Working in BPOs as a call-center representative was a trend till a few years back. Though the concept of BPO is not so popular in today’s age, yet the demand for call center representatives is still there. If you have prior experience of working in a call center, you can do this job at home, responding to inbound phone calls from customers and assist them as per their needs. But the only hitch here is that you have to work according to the timings of foreign countries, which means you have to work night-shifts.
  8. Be a blogger: If you have the apt for writing anything that interests you, then create your own blog. Blogging not only helps in bringing out your inherent writing capability but also helps in earning money. This is basically your own business – you are not working for anyone but for yourself. You can earn money as a blogger from Google Adsense or as an affiliate marketer for sites like as Amazon, Clickbank, etc. This takes time as in the initial few months, you may not earn money but slowly when your blog becomes popular, people visit your blog and click on the ads displayed, you start earning. You will need to be patient when you create a blog to earn money.
  9. Selling your hand-made goods online: If you have the skills in making crafts and making handmade goods like as candles, gift items, decorative products, knitting items or if you are good in baking or anything else, then you can sale your products online. Create a profile in websites like as in (India’s first portal exclusively for displaying entrepreneurial skills of women), display your products on the site, and fix a price for your products. Once, you receive an order, ask your logistics partner to deliver it. This is your own business and womeninbusiness.in helps you to showcase your products to your customers
  10. Be a You Tuber:Make your own Youtube videos. Make a You Tube channel on any talent of yours. It can be a cooking channel or a channel to share beauty tips, make up tips, hair styles or a Youtube channel on singing, dancing, playing musical instrument and so on. If you are not camera shy and if you feel that you have some inherent talent, then making your own Youtube video can be the right platform for you. It works on a similar model like a blog and as you make yourself popular and your subscribers grow, your earning potential also grows.

Are you interested in working from home and earn money? Then register yourself at GharSeNaukri.com and apply for work-from-home and part-time jobs of your choice.


Education Counselor or Psychologist: One of the Most Lucrative Flexible Job Options for Women

A graduate degree in Psychology opens up several interesting opportunities for a candidate. One among them is the role of an educational psychologist. A job career as an education counselor, an education psychologist or a career counselor has become a very prospective job in recent time.

Role of a Psychologist

The role of a psychologist is to study the emotional, behavioral, psychological or organizational issues of an individual, to identify any problems associated with these, and then to suggest a treatment for it. Basically, in common terminology, a professional psychologist evaluates, diagnoses, and treats mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. A psychologist can be a clinical psychologist, health psychologist, neuropsychologists, developmental psychologists, forensic psychologists, education psychologists or education counselors.

Role of an Education Psychologist

The role of an educational psychologist is to help students reduce or get rid of physical, mental, emotional and social difficulties that prevent them from getting involved in academic and non-academic activities at school. Another profile is that of a career counselor where school or college students are analyzed on the basis of their skills, aptitude, personality, interests, intelligence level and associated socio-economic factors, and then are suggested the appropriate career choices for them. An educational psychologist can also help individuals to deal with job related stress and problems during their working life.

Online Training GharSeNaukri

Qualifications required

  • You need to be a graduate degree holder in psychology to start a career as a psychologist.
  • A post-graduate degree and a specialization at the doctoral level are added advantages.

Flexible or Part Time Job as an Education Psychologist

For women, this has become of the most lucrative flexible job options. The opportunities can vary from full-time, part-time, short-term, freelance, weekends, flexible timing and contract work. The choice is entirely yours. Here, a professional education counsellor can opt for various options:

  • Teach psychology in school and college in part-time hours
  • Part-time tuitions from home to help students in their psychology courses
  • Can be a freelance writer or editor of psychology related articles
  • Access psychometric assessments of students of various schools in flexible timing or from home
  • Visit schools or colleges in flexible hours for career counselling
  • Arrange for online counselling sessions at home

This is a dignified position, where you get a chance to earn quite a lot even when you work from home or in part-time hours. It’s time now to maintain a proper work-life balance.

Register at GharSeNaukri.com for exciting Career Counselling Opportunities.