Entrepreneurial Jobs for Women: Be an Entrepreneur from Home is India’s only platform designed for women from all walks of life which believes in the universal truth that women can ‘Have it all! Do it all! Regardless of what field they are in.’ Considering the fact that there is lower rate of women employment and lesser retention in the workforce, there is the need for a comprehensive and holistic ecosystem required for women empowerment and this is exactly what intends to do and is doing. It not only offers flexible working options to enhance employment across socio-gender demographics and reduce barriers which force women to stay-at-home, but also offers excellent opportunities to start their business at home. It provides Entrepreneurial Jobs for Women. It also offers entrepreneurial training to encourage women to start something of their own.

 “ believes in empowerment and paving its way as a catalyst of change!”

Entrepreneurial Jobs at GharSeNaukri

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Be an Edupreneur with MindChamp: GharSeNaukri offers a Lifetime Opportunity for Women to Start their Own Franchise in Teaching has always and will continue to come up with exciting jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for women. This time, it has joined hands with MindChamp, the name associated with building coding skills in school children and bringing back tech women into workforce. Yes, this is a wonderful job opportunity for women who have prior experience in computer programming and coding and who are on their career breaks.

A brief profile of MindChamp

Based in Mumbai, MindChamp  was co-founded by Sneha Krishnan and Manasi Kashikar to teach computer coding to school children aged between 8 and 14 years. Based on Fun and Structured Activity based learning, it has made computer learning easier and has instilled the passion for learning computer coding and basics of computer science in children at an early age. MindChamp has also paved the path towards women empowerment by employing women from the IT and educational sector.


Be an Educator with MindChamp

The idea is to make you a woman educator or an Edupreneur by offering you an opportunity to be a franchise holder with MindChamp.

  • Are you on a sabbatical?
  • Are you planning to restart your career?
  • Are you a returning professional?
  • Are you fond of computers?
  • Are you interested in teaching?
  • Are you planning to work and at the same time give time your family?

If your answers are YES, then you are at the right place.

A call for all Mumbai women

If you are from Mumbai and have experience in the domains of IT industry and the Educational sector, then be a part of MindChamp.

MindChamp is providing micro-franchises to women who have taken a sabbatical and enabling them to turn into an Edupreneur. The franchises are designed for women in technology who have dropped out of the workforce. Join MindChamp and teach computers, computer coding and programming to students and earn money. Mind Champ’s present emphasis is to have presence and brand recognition in the IT cities in India, namely, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Gurugram. The opening is presently for Mumbai women but very soon will spread to other cities as well. Start your own Franchise in Teaching and be an edupreneur.

This profile is perfect for a woman techie looking for opportunities to engage herself and earn at the comfort of her own home or her own flexibility. The Mindchamp Educator Program gives you the access to the tested curriculum and training. Thereafter, you can conduct Computer Science programs for kids 8 to 14 years and be a part of the growing community that believes in improving the quality technology education in this country.

For details, check out Start your own Franchise, Be a Educator for MindChamp 

Why should you join?

  • Don’t waste your technical skills
  • Work as per your convenience maintaining a perfect balance of work and home
  • Earn good revenue
  • Satisfying career goals
  • Wonderful comeback opportunity for IT women

Give us a call at 9266660121 or get in touch with us at

Interested in Counselling Parents? Join Grolier to Learn the Trade and Be an Entrepreneur

Interested in counseling interactive educational products in schools and nearby localities? Are you keen to be an educational entrepreneur, a mentor to counsel educational books, games and puzzles to your known circle? Let us help you to do so.

For this you have to learn the trade first. Counselling parents is tough but not an impossible job. But, before starting, you need to do research on a couple of things such as follows:


Which is your target market?

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Tips to be an Expert in Sales and Marketing and Be an Entrepreneur in your Own Way: Join Grolier

Times are changing. Gone are those days, when sales and marketing jobs were solely for the men folk. Today, women have also trodden in this industry. LinkedIn statistics show that women represent 41% of the active sales workforce — and this number is growing. in association with Grolier India brings a wonderful opportunity for women which they can conveniently do at their own convenient time in the field of sales and marketing, which can help in making them entrepreneurs in their own way. Developing own business has always been a passion for many women. Understanding and respecting this thought, Grolier has introduced a specific entrepreneurship module where the participants get an opportunity to become a leader/mentor with a weekly pay-outs.

Entreprenuership booth

Job responsibilities

  • Promotional activities for Grolier products
  • Lead generation activities
  • Generate leads through calling, emails, and social media channels
  • Tele calling and door-to-door marketing campaign in schools/colleges,
  • Promoting and selling products among friends, contacts , relatives etc as per Grolier’s guidelines

Get to know the details of the job here Work From Home, Mompreneur

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Indian Women Entrepreneurs and their Green Initiatives

Considering the fact that our country’s staggering wastes growing at an alarming rate, it’s heartening to find that we have few young Indian minds who are trying to bring about a change in the society with their environmental friendly initiatives and products. being a platform for women empowerment, we feel proud to share inspirational stories for others to follow. We bring below the stories of few Indian women entrepreneurs with their “GO GREEN” initiatives.

Mini Varkey Shibu, MINC Brand, Natural Khadi

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Be a Part of Grolier, Become an Entrepreneur and Earn from Home: GharSeNaukri and Grolier encouraging women to participate

How does it feel to be a part of a team of an International company as an entrepreneur? This is a wonderful opportunity for all moms out there to start their entrepreneurial journey if they are really keen about it. Most moms do not work or leave their jobs to take care of their kids. Especially, young kids upto 12 years of age are always in the need for constant parental support and guidance. It is here our Indian mummies get involved a lot with their kids’ education, studies and activities. How about getting involved with an International educational company which will not only help you to earn while you work from home but also help you to know how to make education fun and interesting for young kids with varied educational products? and Grolier: Hiring Women Entreprenuers


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Start your Own Candle Making Business. Join to Know More

You never know when a hobby of yours can be turned into a business. You never know when a passion of yours can be turned into your career. You never know when how a small training of learning a new craft can help you to start your own venture. Come, let us help you!!!

Women Entprenuership Candle making workshop from home, a reputed career and community platform, has always worked for the benefit of the women community. This is an online platform where we give women a platform to learn and grow. This online community is open to all women who are willing to do something in life, create their own identity, earn and run their families, and maintain a perfect balance between home and work. Considering the fact that there is no end to learning, GSN has introduced a number of online training programs for women, which can be undertaken from the comforts of your home.

Candle making entrepreneurship training

Have you ever wondered how you can start your own venture by learning candle making? To start a business, you first need to learn the appropriate skills for candle making. Before you launch a business, hone your skills and get comfortable with the candle-making process. GSN offers candle making training, along with online entrepreneurship training, which will help an aspiring entrepreneur to start her own business.


How to join?

  • First of all, be a registered member at
  • Click on the Training tab
  • Or directly visit Work from home training programs
  • Check Candle Making Hobby Or Serious Business
  • Click on Connect Mentor Online
  • Pay a nominal fee
  • Connect with well-experienced Candle Trainer Anjita S, who will provide you all the help and support to start learning candle making.

About Anjita Sinha: Your Mentor in Candle making

Anjita Sinha, a wife and a mother, made candles as a hobby for years. But, few years back, she turned it into a home-based business. Today, she is not only a successful entrepreneur in candle making but also an experienced and skilled trainer on the craft. She has conducted a number of candle making training workshops for the benefit of the women community. She is an entrepreneur, a mompreneur, a mentor and a trainer!!! You can also follow her footsteps and start your own venture.

Candle making: One of the best small businesses you can start with

You learn the basics of Candle Making with our mentor Anjita. You learn to make candles of different shapes and sizes, of different fragrances. This can be a new hobby of yours or you can transform this new skill into a home-based business.

How will you be benefited?

  • You can be your own boss
  • You have the freedom to do something which you actually enjoy
  • Low start-up cost
  • Easy to start. You can use a small space in your home for candle making
  • You build something of your own
  • Get more time with your family
  • Determine your own schedule and daily activities
  • A lucrative business with good returns

Many women nowadays love the perks of an entrepreneurial life and is there to assist you in this. If you are passionate about doing something of your own, if you are motivated learner and ready to learn and grow, you are sure to be successful in life.

For more details, visit Or connect with us at 09266660121, in association with, helps Women Entrepreneurs to Arrange Funds for their Business is one of its kind of an online platform, solely designed for benefitting the women of our country.  We are the only job portal in India concentrating on providing telecommuting jobs, part-time jobs, flexible job opportunities that women can do conveniently from home.

We help women to become entrepreneurs

GSN wants to empower women, not only in terms of providing jobs but also in terms of providing skill training or upgrading skills. For the benefit of our registered women members, we have also introduced our online home training services, where interested women can take training on skills like as digital marketing, entrepreneurship training, content writing, home tutoring, personality development and many more. We provide them training and finances and help them to set up their own business.


GSN and We help women entrepreneurs to arrange funds for her business

Continue reading “, in association with, helps Women Entrepreneurs to Arrange Funds for their Business” India’s Unique Job Portal for Women Offering Work from Home Jobs was incepted in the year 2014 as the only job portal in the country to provide wonderful work-from-home opportunities and part-time job opportunities for women, which they can do conveniently from their home and earn money.


The basic objective behind the launch of this job portal is that it wants women of India from all nooks and corners of the country, from all walks and phases of life to be empowered, self-financed and independent.

The Need…

In India, 50% of our population comprises women. According to a World Bank report, India ranks 120th among 131 nations in women workforce. It is reported that the country had one of the lowest female participation in the workforce. While we see women have made remarkable mark in various fields, be in politics, science, technology, music, art, literature, education, sports, and others, however, this comprises a very small percentage of Indian women population.  Indian women do make a contribution to the economic parameters of the nation but most of their contributions to the economy have not been accounted for.  And we see a huge number of educated young girls giving up their professional career for family obligations, for looking after kids, in-laws, or for other issues. We have seen under many circumstances, women tend to give up their passion, dreams, professional lives only to remain as a “housewife”.  So, in India, a huge section of women population is financially dependent on others, as a result of which we can say that they are not empowered.

Women empowerment through

While all others talk of women empowerment, Ajat Shatru, the young dynamic industrialist and CEO of has actually made women empowerment possible with the launch of this job portal. This is a job portal which caters to only jobs that can be done from home.  It is a portal which has more than 5 lakh registrations of women professionals of various skills, background, education and experience who are looking for wonderful work-from-home opportunities. It is a portal with a database of more than 500 eminent employers who are actually looking from women professionals that can work-from-home. And, it also provides online training on various skills for women to upgrade themselves and look for better job opportunities.

business opportunities

Start your own business…

Along with, Ajat Shatru launched a sister concern Women in Business in 2016. There are many women in the country, who are talented and skilful but their skills remain hidden within themselves. Keeping in mind this section of our society, was launched. This portal is launched with the objective of helping women to launch their own business. Any woman with her hobby or skill or talent, right from designing to baking to craft making to painting can now be an entrepreneur. All they need is to register on the site, display their products, get them sold online and earn money.

business opportunities

Wonderful jobs and business opportunities for women 

Both and are conceived to touch the lakhs of Indian women who are not working at present and have the desire to work and earn. Whether you are housewife or a new mom, whether you are presently working or not working, whether you are a retired professional or a fresh graduate, you will find a whole range of work-from-home opportunities, part-time, flexible jobs by registering at Similarly, if you have the desire to start something of your own, if you feel that your skill can be utilised in a better way, and you want to be an entrepreneur, then register on the site This is the right platform where in women who are not working at present can get jobs of their choice, be they in urban towns and cities or remote rural villages, and earn a decent income for the family.

The unique concept of this platform to offer ample part-time, flexible and work-from-home job opportunities for women has made this portal a reliable and popular one within a very short frame of time. In 2017, was designated as one of the most promising job portals for women. It follows a professional approach towards women empowerment..

How to be a Mompreneur? Learn Entrepreneurship Online, Be A Mompreneur from

momprenuer gharsenaukri

Who is a mompreneur? This is the trendy nomenclature given to a mom who starts her business and chase her dreams. Most educated modern women want to maintain a perfect balance in their lives in terms of their personal and profession lives. There is no denying the fact that the number of Indian women is rising in the professional world today and they are doing well in their lives. But, at the same time, there are many women who at some point in their lives have to sacrifice their career for family obligations. Thankfully, nowadays, the concept of working from home, part-time jobs, flexible job opportunities are coming up and many professional women are looking for best work-from-home jobs.

At the same time, there are many women, who have this inherent desire to do something on their own or start their own business, instead of a 9 to 5 job. We call them women entrepreneurs and if they are moms, they are “Mompreneurs”.

Is it easy to become a “Mompreneur”?

The answer is both “Yes” and “No” both. There are many reasons why you might want to start your own business. For example, you want to be financially independent, you want to be your own boss, your family may need an alternative income for a better living, you can’t work at regular job while raising your child, or you might be a single mom and must support your family. So whatever the reasons may be, if you have the passion in you and if you have necessary support, finances, infrastructure, resources, and skill available with you, then no one can stop you in chasing your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. On the other hand, if you do not have that passion in you, if you lack confidence, then no one can help you to be a mompreneur, even if you have everything with you. So, whether you want to be a mompreneur/entrepreneur or not depends entirely on you. Read on to know the tips on how to accumulate free start-up capital for your business

Get entrepreneurial training online from

For all women who desire to be an entrepreneur and need the necessary guidance to start, is there to help you. is India’s one of the most promising job portals, designed especially for women anywhere in India and abroad, to find wonderful work-from-home job opportunities. The portal also offers  online training programs at reasonable costs only for women so as to make them skillful and capable to work from home. For a woman to become an entrepreneur, has also provided online entrepreneurship training program. This program is suitable for women who want to start their own business and grow it. Get to know the essentials of how to start your own venture, how to invest, get funds, clients, sell products, grow your business and so on. The training program covers all aspects of entrepreneurial skills, including risk taking and managing risk. For details, check out  come, be a part of Register today. Enrol in Online Entrepreneurship Program and become a successful entrepreneur or a “Mompreneur.

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