, in association with, helps Women Entrepreneurs to Arrange Funds for their Business is one of its kind of an online platform, solely designed for benefitting the women of our country.  We are the only job portal in India concentrating on providing telecommuting jobs, part-time jobs, flexible job opportunities that women can do conveniently from home.

We help women to become entrepreneurs

GSN wants to empower women, not only in terms of providing jobs but also in terms of providing skill training or upgrading skills. For the benefit of our registered women members, we have also introduced our online home training services, where interested women can take training on skills like as digital marketing, entrepreneurship training, content writing, home tutoring, personality development and many more. We provide them training and finances and help them to set up their own business.


GSN and We help women entrepreneurs to arrange funds for her business

Continue reading “, in association with, helps Women Entrepreneurs to Arrange Funds for their Business” India’s Unique Job Portal for Women Offering Work from Home Jobs was incepted in the year 2014 as the only job portal in the country to provide wonderful work-from-home opportunities and part-time job opportunities for women, which they can do conveniently from their home and earn money.


The basic objective behind the launch of this job portal is that it wants women of India from all nooks and corners of the country, from all walks and phases of life to be empowered, self-financed and independent.

The Need…

In India, 50% of our population comprises women. According to a World Bank report, India ranks 120th among 131 nations in women workforce. It is reported that the country had one of the lowest female participation in the workforce. While we see women have made remarkable mark in various fields, be in politics, science, technology, music, art, literature, education, sports, and others, however, this comprises a very small percentage of Indian women population.  Indian women do make a contribution to the economic parameters of the nation but most of their contributions to the economy have not been accounted for.  And we see a huge number of educated young girls giving up their professional career for family obligations, for looking after kids, in-laws, or for other issues. We have seen under many circumstances, women tend to give up their passion, dreams, professional lives only to remain as a “housewife”.  So, in India, a huge section of women population is financially dependent on others, as a result of which we can say that they are not empowered.

Women empowerment through

While all others talk of women empowerment, Ajat Shatru, the young dynamic industrialist and CEO of has actually made women empowerment possible with the launch of this job portal. This is a job portal which caters to only jobs that can be done from home.  It is a portal which has more than 5 lakh registrations of women professionals of various skills, background, education and experience who are looking for wonderful work-from-home opportunities. It is a portal with a database of more than 500 eminent employers who are actually looking from women professionals that can work-from-home. And, it also provides online training on various skills for women to upgrade themselves and look for better job opportunities.

business opportunities

Start your own business…

Along with, Ajat Shatru launched a sister concern Women in Business in 2016. There are many women in the country, who are talented and skilful but their skills remain hidden within themselves. Keeping in mind this section of our society, was launched. This portal is launched with the objective of helping women to launch their own business. Any woman with her hobby or skill or talent, right from designing to baking to craft making to painting can now be an entrepreneur. All they need is to register on the site, display their products, get them sold online and earn money.

business opportunities

Wonderful jobs and business opportunities for women 

Both and are conceived to touch the lakhs of Indian women who are not working at present and have the desire to work and earn. Whether you are housewife or a new mom, whether you are presently working or not working, whether you are a retired professional or a fresh graduate, you will find a whole range of work-from-home opportunities, part-time, flexible jobs by registering at Similarly, if you have the desire to start something of your own, if you feel that your skill can be utilised in a better way, and you want to be an entrepreneur, then register on the site This is the right platform where in women who are not working at present can get jobs of their choice, be they in urban towns and cities or remote rural villages, and earn a decent income for the family.

The unique concept of this platform to offer ample part-time, flexible and work-from-home job opportunities for women has made this portal a reliable and popular one within a very short frame of time. In 2017, was designated as one of the most promising job portals for women. It follows a professional approach towards women empowerment..

How to be a Mompreneur? Learn Entrepreneurship Online, Be A Mompreneur from

momprenuer gharsenaukri

Who is a mompreneur? This is the trendy nomenclature given to a mom who starts her business and chase her dreams. Most educated modern women want to maintain a perfect balance in their lives in terms of their personal and profession lives. There is no denying the fact that the number of Indian women is rising in the professional world today and they are doing well in their lives. But, at the same time, there are many women who at some point in their lives have to sacrifice their career for family obligations. Thankfully, nowadays, the concept of working from home, part-time jobs, flexible job opportunities are coming up and many professional women are looking for best work-from-home jobs.

At the same time, there are many women, who have this inherent desire to do something on their own or start their own business, instead of a 9 to 5 job. We call them women entrepreneurs and if they are moms, they are “Mompreneurs”.

Is it easy to become a “Mompreneur”?

The answer is both “Yes” and “No” both. There are many reasons why you might want to start your own business. For example, you want to be financially independent, you want to be your own boss, your family may need an alternative income for a better living, you can’t work at regular job while raising your child, or you might be a single mom and must support your family. So whatever the reasons may be, if you have the passion in you and if you have necessary support, finances, infrastructure, resources, and skill available with you, then no one can stop you in chasing your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. On the other hand, if you do not have that passion in you, if you lack confidence, then no one can help you to be a mompreneur, even if you have everything with you. So, whether you want to be a mompreneur/entrepreneur or not depends entirely on you. Read on to know the tips on how to accumulate free start-up capital for your business

Get entrepreneurial training online from

For all women who desire to be an entrepreneur and need the necessary guidance to start, is there to help you. is India’s one of the most promising job portals, designed especially for women anywhere in India and abroad, to find wonderful work-from-home job opportunities. The portal also offers  online training programs at reasonable costs only for women so as to make them skillful and capable to work from home. For a woman to become an entrepreneur, has also provided online entrepreneurship training program. This program is suitable for women who want to start their own business and grow it. Get to know the essentials of how to start your own venture, how to invest, get funds, clients, sell products, grow your business and so on. The training program covers all aspects of entrepreneurial skills, including risk taking and managing risk. For details, check out  come, be a part of Register today. Enrol in Online Entrepreneurship Program and become a successful entrepreneur or a “Mompreneur.

Useful Readings


Start your Online Boutique with ZERO Investment for Women at Home with Wooplr


You always wanted to have your own fashion store, didn’t you? But it seemed too much effort with maintaining inventories, investing a lot of money and so much more, right? However, with the growing popularity of e-commerce, you can now easily create your own web store without any investment. Create your own fashion boutique, share the products that you love and earn money from the comforts of your home. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is!

Let’s know more about this…

There are many times when you become the fashion icon among your friends, relatives, colleagues for the lovely dresses and clothes that you wear. There are times when your friends are too keen to know where you purchase your clothes from which make you look so fashionable. There are many times when you suggest fashion tips to your near and dear ones. All of us, to a certain extent, do have some knowledge of colours, designs, patterns, and styles. Now, you can use these moments to earn money from your home. You can create your own online boutique with all your favourite fashion garments and accessories from various brands, recommend them to others, and earn money in return. This is a perfect work-from-home opportunity for everyone with a keen sense of fashion and social media presence.

Be a Fashionista!!!

wooplr gharsenaukri3

You don’t need to be a professional fashion designer to start your own online boutique. You can create your own store online. It is a very simple process, hassle-free, no investments, and no middlemen involved. You just need to explore fashionable products online, share, and recommend them to your social circles.  The fact is: every woman can become a business woman, can set up an online business just at the click of a mouse and earn by doing business from home. Wooplr promises you that.

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How can Reselling Help You Earn 30k a Month from Home?

wooplr gharsenaukri
Just imagine a situation…you don’t have any products nor you have any capital, yet you are the owner of a fashion store and you are earning from home. Imagine a situation when you wake up in the morning and see the first order of your online store. This is the beauty of growing popularity of ecommerce in today’s world.

Looking for ways to make some extra money at home? It is not so easy to earn money so quickly but it is not impossible either. Whether, you are a student or a housewife or a professional, earning some extra income is always welcoming. This becomes all the more encouraging when you earn, without stepping out of your home, without any investment, without any products and without any hassles.

One of the easiest ways to earn money now is in ecommerce…

How about launching an ecommerce site without any investment? Be an entrepreneur overnight and earn 30K in a month from home by reselling your favourite fashion products online.

Now you can create your own online fashion store with products of your choice from reliable brands and resell and earn money at the comforts of your home., the most popular ecommerce platform in recent time, has made this opportunity available for all women registered at to earn from home easily and quickly. has provided one of the fastest paths to earn 30K or more per month.

Set up a niche e-commerce site with

The best part about this is that you don’t have to get your inventory, rather you are reselling inventories of others.

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Invest in your future, tips on how to accumulate free start-up capital for all women who want to start fresh.

Invest in your future while being at home
Invest in your future while being at home

How Women Can Self Finance to Start a Business of their Own?

There are many women in our country who have this desire of starting something of their own, instead of opting for a full-time 9 to 5 job outside. But, one main hitch that stops them from starting their own business is “where to get the start-up money”. Women, especially belonging to the middle class families of urban and semi-urban areas, have tight budgets and family expenses. Even if they have amazing business ideas, lack of capital prevents them from starting their own business. We present below few tips on how to accumulate free start-up capital for all women who want to start their own business and invest in their future.

  • Think of a business idea that you are confident of: First of all, start your business on something that you know. It should be build around your own personal expertise, skills and knowledge, something that you are confident of, and something that you can start without any third-party help, be it consultants, workers or any outside assistance. The less you rely on outside sources, the more you can save for yourself.
  • Tap your personal savings: One of the easiest ways to finance a small business is tapping your own personal savings. This can be from sources like as from your own saving account, some old investments in fixed deposits, family inheritance, gifts and rewards in the form of money and not to forget those some small amounts of money saved from your monthly budget given to you by your husband.
  • Advertise your business for free: Let everyone you know, be it your friends, family, relatives, neighbours, past colleagues, business contacts on what you are doing. Call them, send messages, Whatsapp them about your new business. Make your new venture known to your social media friends. And if you are lucky, your friends and family members can help you spread the word. This type of marketing at grass root level is without any investment. Take advantage of free advertising and marketing.
  • Avoid overspending: Remember, you still have your family to take care of, you are still in tight-budget constraints, your monthly family expenditures will remain the same or may increase and these cannot be avoided. What you can avoid though is unnecessary expenses. Make use of discount cards to do shopping, wait for SALES seasons, try to buy wholesale stuff for groceries, avoid bringing home fast foods or eating out, instead opt for eating a home-cooked meal, skip beauty parlours and learn to do your own pedicures, manicures, threading or colour your own hair, avoid buying that expensive dress that you had long awaited for. Remember, such small bits of sacrifices will repay you in the long run.
  • Start your business from home: If you start the business from home, you can avoid a huge expense in getting an office space outside. Convert a small room of your house or a portion of your backyard or your store room or just a corner into an efficient office space.
  • Get work in advance: One way to self finance your business is to get advance commitments in work. Before plunging on to your new business idea, make sure that you have aleast 1 or 2 business projects in advance. Your former boss (if you have left the company on good terms) or your good friend/neighbour/relative is often a reliable source to give you your first project of your start-up work. And if the first project goes off well, their recommendations will help you to get your initial stream of work and income.
  • Start a part-time job: If you have skill and experience and if you really need some extra money for your start-up, one good way is to get a part-time job. Save up your earnings by working part-time until you have enough money to start the business. A part-time job can supplement the money that you need for your new business
  • Get rented equipment or tools or buy used products: This is another way to start a business. You definitely need infrastructure (computers, office furniture, phones, supplies, other tools and equipment) to start your business. Try to get these items on a rental basis or else opt for purchasing second-hand products. This is all the more helpful when you are not sure exactly what and how much you require. And when there is an inflow of cash from your business, you can buy these items as per your needs. Shop smarter to build your initial capital.
  • Apply for a bank loan: Last but not the least, apply for a small loan under government-aided funding programmes. Several public-sector banks like State Bank of India, Andhra Bank, Bank of Baroda, etc. offers bank loans at low rate of interest under Government business loans. This will help you to manage your daily operational expenses, expansion costs for your business.

There are various ways to self finance your business. Don’t let shortage of capital prevent you from taking the plunge in starting your own start-up.

And yes, to make your business known to others, register yourself at (A Platform for home-based entrepreneurs).

Programs Empowering Women ‘GharSeNaukri Portal for Work From Home and Home Based Entrepreneurs’

Our Services is Our Passion
‘Work from Home’ woman improves their community and family life by doing the perfect balance, pitching in their expertise on opportunities and enabling a proactive community networking. GSN empowers these women working from home with various opportunities. GSN offers excellent opportunities for ‘Women entrepreneurs’ who are aspiring to start new business ventures. The challenges will be eased out by GSN in the Woman Entrepreneurship Program. Effective communication and advice shapes the lives of many and when Working from Home Mothers who are truly an inspiration become the Mentor, then success is not far off. GSN is the perfect interface for ‘DigiMums’…or as we put it ‘SocioDigiMum’. Empaneling with GSN ‘Business Program’ shall enable work from home mothers and women entrepreneurs to enhance their digital skills.

GharSeNaukri Work From Home Programs
GharSeNaukri Work From Home Programs

Our Responsibility
Every organization has a responsibility towards the development of the Nation. Its contribution is not limited only to economic development but also social development and investing in women is most productive and beneficial….because empowered women can make their own decisions……… families are healthier and the community progresses. And GSN is bang on the path….
Thus to conclude with a line from Robert Frost’s poem ‘A Boundless Moment’……. “Oh, that’s the Paradise-in-bloom,”…Yes let’s create the paradise…let the world of having economically empowered women not be a utopia.

OZiva Fit And Fun Mom ,Working from Home

Marguerite Duras, French novelist and experimental filmmaker had rightly said “Mothers remain the strangest, craziest people we have ever met!”  Fitness conscious mom, fun loving mom and a mom with tremendous aspirations knows that Health is the greatest gift and contentment the greatest wealth.

work from home mom
work from home mom

The All Good Health

Diet plays a crucial role in a woman’s health. Research shows that eating whole grain foods reduces the chance of having cancer by 40%. Not just cutting down on junk food but reducing the quantity of salt intake to 5gms a day is beneficial. Water does wonders for the entire system and flushes out toxins. A balanced combination of all nutrients with a dollop of happiness relaxes your body and improves your health.

A healthy body can also be attained with the use of high quality wholesome nutritional meal shakes. Protein is the foundational nutrient to achieve optimal progress in body fitness. A healthy nutritional shake helps to hydrate during workout, is an instant source of energy post workout, and helps in a healthy body.

OZiva aims at solving the basic challenges of lack of nutrition, irregular meals and consumption of fast food and several other detrimental factors.  OZiva, focuses on tailored solutions to help meet daily nutrition requirements and have developed the perfect, nutrition-rich products whether Losing Weight or Gaining Muscle or eating healthy.

oziva health drinks for mom,women,females
oziva health drinks for mom,women,females

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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs On World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day (WHD) is celebrated globally on April 18th to encourage local communities and individuals to appreciate the importance of cultural heritage.  Its focus is to promote awareness on cultural diversity and vulnerability of rich intangible heritage to survive in modern era. On the occasion of   WHD, April 18th, 2017, National Rail Museum and  Asia Pacific Heritage and Tourist Rail Organisation (APHTRO) in association with UNESCO and Dronah Foundation held an exhibition of ‘Intangibles’ and Panel Discussion on the theme ‘Railway Heritage For Sustainable Tourism’. Continue reading “Empowering Women Entrepreneurs On World Heritage Day”

Indira Mompreneur Working from Home

Indira Sharma, a woman of substance is a true embodiment of what her name Indira means-‘Splendid’. She is a Graphic Designer not just by her profession but it is her passion too. Creativity of hues, designs, abstracts enthuse her……Giving a picture to words, giving an image to expressions and thoughts are her forte.

With 20 years of experience in this profession spanning across touch points like Web, Mobile, GUI and Print Media, her creativity and strategy helps her to facilitate logical user centric and innovative thinking in new business development and ultimately  leads it to a visionary execution.

After her graduation from Delhi University, Indira did her Diploma in Commercial Art and PG Diploma in Media and Public Relation. Then it was no looking back. Armed with her degree and conviction, she worked in many companies and organizations with National and International repute in various capacities.  She gained experience in Publication house, Graphic Studios and Computer Software companies with various kinds of job profiles and work experience.

But Yes…Finally came a day…when she wanted to do something on her own…..manage and balance family and work and yet give a shape to her creativity. Thus evolved and came up ‘Studio Ina’. Continue reading “Indira Mompreneur Working from Home”