Freelancer with GharSeNaukri
Freelancer with GharSeNaukri

As an employer or a human resource manager, you will prefer workers who have the desired expertise, are dedicated and can be full time workers. Hiring someone as a freelancer might not be a very acceptable proposition, but engaging freelancers has a lot of benefits.

To define a freelancer – “A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.” Thus employers should consider hiring freelancers for jobs with specific expertise – Search Engine Optimization, Blogger /writer, graphic designer, transcript writers, social media expert, legal professional…….and many more.

How can freelancers benefit the company or the employer:

  • Affordability – When a freelancer works out of her home, the employer shall cut down on overhead costs. The freelancer saves travel time and expenditure but ofcourse incurs internet and telephone expenses at her end. But her freelance salary or payment or consultancy fees shall be lesser in comparison to hiring a full time worker, her salary and all overhead costs.
  • Flexibility- Freelancing offers flexibility to employees but that does not act as a deterrent that the assigned job shall not be completed in time or with precision. As a freelancer, the hired professional shall have to work in deadlines. Be it a website developer or legal professional or social media professional, the work assigned to the employee is positively done.
  • Experience – Freelancer have a good deal of experience in their respective fields of profession and expertise. A freelancer generally has worked as a full time professional and knows the nuances of the industry and skills required to fulfill the assignment. The employee is either on a hiatus or has given up full time profession or on a sabbatical from a regular job.
  • Independence – Hiring a full time professional for a job which perhaps requires less than 4 -5 hours of daily work is an investment for the employer in her training, salary, office costs, insurance, pension etc. These costs shall be at a much higher price as compared to the salary of a freelancer. Thus the employer enjoys the independence of not involving the full time professional in skills or work for which the employee does not have the expertise.

An employer should have certain ground rules to hire a freelancer and to get the assignment or work done:

  • Define your expectations clearly
  • Give a precise time frame for the assignments
  • Hire a freelancer as per your requirement but she should have the expertise and skills
  • Give access to all company information resources
  • Develop a strategy to get optimum output from the freelancer

The mantra in today’s world to strive and thrive lies in carefully vetting your company’s investments. As an employer the onus of drawing the difference between what is good and what is beneficial in the long run for the company has to be strategized. Engaging freelancer is one such measure – Less expenses yet skilled expertise.

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