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Bored Housewives now have an Opportunity to Work from Home

Jobs for Women

So you are a housewife who has chosen to sacrifice a career and stay at home for the sake of bringing up your children. That’s absolutely marvelous and very thoughtful of you.  However, we are sure that while you are all alone at home and when your hubby is at office and children are at school, you surely wish that you had something you could do in these ‘in-between’ free times to keep yourself busy and earn at the same time. Similarly you may be a college going girl who would like to do a part time job and earn for your trendy clothes and cosmetics but are not finding the right job which wouldn’t hamper your studies.  Even old ladies at our homes must be deep down having a desire to contribute towards home finances but don’t know how to go about it. Wouldn’t it be great if all these housewives, unmarried young girls and respected elderly ladies of our homes could get a job which was tailor-made to suite their talents and lifestyle?  Well, it is possible now with “GharSeNaukri”, a new work from home job concept for women.

A windfall income opportunity

GharSeNaukri’ is a god sent opportunity for housewives, young college going girls or even elderly ladies who have oodles of talent and special skills in some field but are unable to use it because of their unique family situations which keeps them away from jobs and at home. Now with job providers like ‘GharSeNaukri’, talented women and girls have galore of opportunities to profitably utilize their free time at home to earn big money and feel empowered. You may be good at a myriad of skills like writing, teaching, knitting, cooking, painting, music or weaving etc and here’s your opportunity to make use of these hidden talents by working from your home and contributing profitably towards your home budget. Increased income means an empowered women and a happy family and lot many of happy families mean a happy nation and “Acche din” for all. Wow!

Jobs you can do with “GharSeNaukri”

·         Content writer/Translator
·         Tele-caller/HR Executive
·         Digital marketing & SEO
·         Tutor
·         Music, painting teacher
·         Knitting, weaving
·         Cooking and food processing
·         Others

Be a content writer or a translator

Nothing promotes a business more than its ‘content’ on website, social media and various blogs and forums. So if you think you have a flair for professional writing, you can become a content writer and write content like articles, blogs, social posts, web posts, press-releases etc for various brands and get handsomely paid. All you need to do is conduct a brief research on ‘dos and don’ts’ of content writing job and you will be spinning money right from the word ‘go’. There is also a huge demand for content translation and offline data entry which also can be handled from home.

Be a tutor

You can of course teach school or college students from home but apart from this there are so many other skills like Knitting, weaving, painting, cooking, music and painting which can also be taught to interested people. With state-of-the-art communication devices and internet tools, now you can even run virtual schools or online tutorial classes and teach children not only anywhere in your own country but children all over the world.

Be a Tele-caller

A Tele-caller is a very crucial link between a brand and its customers or prospective customers. If you are somebody who is good with phone conversations and have the necessary professional phone etiquettes to make a business call, you can be a rock star Tele-caller. You can either sell products or you can generate leads and fix appointments for the brand’s sales team.

Be an HR-executive

Recruiting is also a very specialized art and more importantly, it doesn’t matter whether you are contacting professionals from an office or from your drawing room. What matters is that you have the necessary HR skills and can successfully recruit professionals as per the hiring requirements of a business.

Digital Marketing and SEO

If you are a technical person, well initiated into internet and search engine functioning, you can promote a brand or product using various digital platforms, most importantly using platforms like computers and Smartphone. You can execute functions like E-mail marketing, SEO promotions, Ecommerce and social media marketing for a brand. This field has huge earning potential.

Knitting, weaving, stitching garments

If you are good at skills like knitting, weaving, stitching, embroidery etc then too you can get a lot of work orders which you can execute yourself or further involve women of neighborhood so that through you more women get a source of earning.

Cooking and food processing

You can run a Tiffin business or small ‘takeaway’ from your home or you can undertake food processing assignments like paapad making and pickle making.

Get the Best job in the world!

GharSeNaukri’ provides you a golden chance to have the best job in the world where you are the CEO yourself and you decide how to work, when to work and how much to work. You can watch some TV when you get bored or walk your dog during the break. There is no stern boss looking over your shoulder and no heavy targets crushing you down. There are huge categories of job available at “GharSeNaukri” and you can visit the website to find out how many of these job opportunities are meant for you. You can easily juggle between your home life and work taking good care of your children and their needs and chipping in with extra earnings for the household to live a lavish or comfortable lifestyle.
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