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Blogging, An Effective way of Communication: Why should you start a blog?

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Nowadays, with every website for any business or industry, we will find a blog section. Most official websites are integrating a blog into their sites to perform the same function. There are blogs specific to a particular subject like as health, fashion, food, politics, travel….you also can have personal blogs on anything you wish to write on.

What’s a blog?

So, when it comes to an actual definition of a blog, we can say that it is a type of informational website that emphasizes mainly on written content, also known as blog posts. Blogs promote perfect reader engagement and communication. Readers/viewers get a chance to comment and voice their different concerns to the other viewers visiting the blog.

A personal blogger and a professional blogger

A person who writes a blog is usually referred as a blogger, and usually he or she writes from a personal perspective to connect directly with their readers. This is usually so when you have a personal blog related to anything of your choice. You write on any random topic which interests you or any topic which you are an expert. For example, if you are a fashion enthusiast, you can write on Fashion, if you are a cooking expert, you can have your own cooking blog and so on.

However, blogs integrated with official websites become subject specific. For instance, the company’s website is on IT jobs and services….here the blog will be specific to jobs and IT specific news, products and services. You cannot pick up any random topic for such blogs. This makes you a professional blogger.

In a personal blog, the writing is slightly informal and more in a conversation tone where you are sharing your ideas and views and want the opinion of others in the comments section.

For official blogs, the tone should be formal and presented in a professional manner so that the viewers get maximum information of the industry domain that you are working on.

Why should you have your own blog?

  • Connect with readers: Do you remember the time when we used to have a personal diary, where we used to jot down anything important? Blog is somewhat similar to this. The only difference is that a personal diary cannot be shown to others but a personal blog can be shown to others. In fact, that’s the beauty of writing a blog, where you get to connect to readers from any part of the globe, who either agrees or disagrees with your views, who share their opinions and so on. It brings about a direct connection between the blogger and the reader.
  • Basic English: Since writing a personal blog is usually in a friendly and conversation tone, you don’t need to be a great writer. Of course, basic English writing skills are required and your writing should be good enough to make the readers understand what you want to convey.
  • Passion to write: You can write on anything that interests you….not necessarily you are an expert on that topic but one essential requirement, you need to have a passion for your topic. So when you start a blog, choose a topic that you are passionate about and start writing. And of course, you have the Internet to give you all knowledge of your topic.
  • Make money: Blogging is a means of making money from home. Yes, that’s true. There are various options by which a blog can be used to earn money through various ways. Spend few hours a day to write 1 or 2 blog posts on a regular basis and start making money. This can also be a good work from home option. We will discuss this in more details in my next article.
  • Get recognition: If you have your own business, blogging is another way of getting recognition for your business. Write about your products, services, about yourself and get recognition. You never know, when you can become a world-famous blogger.

Yes, you just need the zeal to do something. If you are thinking about starting your own personal blog, then start right now.

Stay tuned to our tips on how to start a blog….

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