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Best Jobs for Freelancers and Stay at Home Moms GharseNaukri

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Statistics say, almost 60% of Indian women quit their job after marriage or after childbirth. Reasons for this can vary from person to person. Sometimes it is the women’s own free will and sometimes the family imposes the restriction. Even if a women does continue to work after marriage, after childbirth, most of them certainly quit the job and decide to be ‘stay-at-home’ moms.  Till recently, being at home invariably meant being a housewife or a homemaker only. However this is 21st century and technology has brought about revolutionary changes in the field of employment as well. Thanks to the presence of online job portals, now people can do “GharSeNaukri” without needing to go to any office.

What’s Unique about “GharSeNaukri”?

Though there are many online job portals but “GharSeNaukri” is like none other. It stands out from the rest because it is a “For Women only” job portal. Think yourself, who needs to work from home the most? Of course it is the women section of our society who faces family and social hurdles and pressures to not do an office job and stay at home. Considering this reality, “GharSeNaukri” chose to offer jobs only to women so that this vast disadvantaged section of society gets an opportunity to earn their own incoming working from home and thus make them more empowered. After all, nothing empowers a person more, than financial security.

Are you a Freelancer or a ‘Stay at Home’ Mom?

In case you have quit a job to be a freelancer from your home or if you are a ‘stay at home’ mom, with “GharSeNaukri” you can land some of the best paying freelance jobs in a variety of job fields. It totally depends on your skills and expertise. Depending upon your educational background or vocational skills you can take up a number of freelance jobs. These jobs prominently include jobs like Tutor, Tele-Sales, HR recruiters, telephonic Market research and survey, content writing, data entry or data processing, graphic designer, fashion designer etc.

Skill-based Freelance Jobs also available

If all these jobs seem to have a strong skew for only highly educated women, then be assured that there are also freelance jobs at “GharSeNaukri” that do not require any educational degrees. You can land jobs if you are good at skills like cooking, food processing, knitting, weaving, embroidery, stitching, designing clothes, cloth printing, jewelry marketing, music and art and crafts. Many multi-level marketing companies also require women who have a good social circle and can promote the concept in their neighborhood.

Be a part of ‘Women Empowerment’ mission

GharSeNaukri” is a unique opportunity for under-privileged women of India or those needy women of India who are unable to do a regular office job. But if jobs become available at home, there will be no stopping such ‘stay at home’ moms from making a success story out of their lives. “GharSeNaukrI” is a mission of women empowerment that seeks to make every woman financially strong and independent. You just have to register yourself at the portal and post your CV online. There are hundreds of employers who are supporting the mission and more are joining every day. A well made CV and your unique skills will get you lot of job offers which will be specifically for “stay at home” moms. Use the opportunity and bring about a powerful change in your life!
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