Be the pride of your children


In hindsight, women have always struggled for equal rights. Maybe equality in essence is much different from what we perceive it to be. You can’t be an equal if the people around you consider you inferior to them.  Women have always been treated like subordinates since time immemorial. Housewives specially go through much trauma in being a woman. Wives who stay at home are taken for granted. The motherly need to put the child’s need above all is sometimes misunderstood as the mother’s incapability to survive in the outside world, which is far from true. Most women give up major opportunities in the corporate world to be with their children. GharSeNaukri has myriads of opportunities for such women. One can now secure a job that would boost their self confidence and their sense of worth by providing them with apt jobs. Like men, women can now contribute equally to the family’s welfare financially giving the child a reason to not just be proud of the father but their mothers too.

Represent a symbol of strength

When children look at their stay-at-home mothers, they usually see a loving, caring and always available mother who puts their needs over hers. However this image of the nurturing bundle of love is mostly taken for granted. A child respects his father because he is the bread winner of the family and clearly he visibly leaves the comfort of the house to work. The mother however is labelled suitable for just house chores. GharSeNaukri is an opportunity for mothers to express her potential and bag the respect of her kids. It allows people from all sections of society to find a job suitable to their profile. It’s a woman oriented job portal that allows them to contribute to the otherwise male dominated corporate world. Now all the mothers have the chance to show their “masculine” strength and still be with their children.

Work from home and contribute to the outside world

While the responsibilities of the child’s overall development might keep you at home, GharSeNaukri will provide you with an option to work from home and optimise your time feasibly. If you can’t go to office then GharSeNaukri has brought office to your home. Now your children will see you working and taking care of them at the same time. This will impact them directly and teach them the importance of being independent. It would also teach them about equality and help them recognize their mother’s potential apart from the domestic creativity. Having a job at hand would mean surplus cash which would allow a woman to take care of the needs of her child more effectively. Nothing makes a mother more proud than than being able to fend for her children properly.

 Be a proud mother

So grab this chance to prove your academic worth to not just the world but your own children. GharSeNaukri offers jobs that allow you to choose from a variety of job openings ranging from embroidery to designing. By having a job you can add more goods to your family’s savings and children’s education funds. Be a mother who doesn’t just takes care of the child emotionally but practically too. GharSeNaukri is the best option for mothers. Be a proud mother, get a job that pays. Be your partner’s equal by entering the corporate world from the comfort of your home.

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