Balance Domestic Responsibilities and Work Part Time with GharSeNaukri


The great thing about Indian girls and women is that they are multi-talented. It is in our culture to teach the female child many skills which we normally don’t teach to the male child. Why it is so, is a separate topic and we wouldn’t discuss that here. However the fact is, even today an average Indian woman does possess countless vocational skills like knitting, stitching, weaving, embroidery, fashion designing, food-possessing and craftwork of all kinds. Then there are also those who are good at teaching academics, music, painting, computers etc. More educated ones can take up assignments like content writing, translations, Tele-calling, recruiting etc.

A Job delivered at home!

There are a huge number of women who would like to make use of their skills and do a job but unfortunately their circumstances do not allow them freedom from domestic responsibilities. But what if there was a job that these women could do without having to leave their homes and compromising with their domestic responsibilities? Could this really be true? Well, now it is. “GharSeNaukri” is the new revolutionary ‘work-from-home’ job concept that has hit Indian homes in a big way. It has truly come as a god-sent opportunity for millions of our talented women throughout the length and breadth of the country. Now women can strike a perfect balance between their domestic responsibilities and doing a well-paid part-time job.

How it works?

GharSeNaukri” has a very powerful yet simple job concept to help out women who are seeking to work from their home. They can fill in their resume and upload it to the site. The CV should mention their skill set and their educational background. The portal has partnered with a number of brands who will post their job requirements. Based upon the job requirement and the skill set of the applicants, the portal will help the members to land awesome part-time freelancing jobs that will allow them to work from their home.

A career in Freelancing

With “GharSeNaukri” you have the rare opportunity of launching a career in freelancing. It will do a great deal of good if whatever you do, you give it your best shot. Freelancing should not be interpreted as being ‘free’ from responsibilities or expectations. Your employers would like you to work equally hard as any other regular employee. Consider it like this. You are in a more advantageous position than those who are working at some office. You can work and rest when you want. Such a job should make you more productive than others. The better you perform, more job opportunities will open up for you at “GharSeNaukri”. Remember, sky’s the limit.

Join a social movement

GharSeNaukri” is clearly not just another job portal. It is a mission which has the vision of women empowerment at its core. Let’s face it, no matter how much you scream from the rooftop that house chores are a very respectable thing to do, but the fact is, it doesn’t empower you financially. It can get you family’s thumbs up but at the same time leaves you financially dependent on someone else. With a freelance job under your belt, you will see the difference in how you feel and how others treat you. By all means attend to your domestic responsibilities but also undertake “GharSeNaukri” and be truly independent.

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